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11/28/2019 @ 8:30am

3rd Annual TeddyRox Turkey Day 5K

5K, 1 Mile Run

Garner, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
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Last Name First Name Age Gender City State
A. Helena 12 female Apex NC
Abshire Michelle 40 female Charlottesville VA
Aburto Genesis 26 female middlesex NC
Adams Amelia 30 female Fayetteville AR
Ahrend Kerry 64 female Raleigh NC
Allen Terri 50 female wake forest NC
Andrzejewski Steve 50 male Apex NC
Andrzejewski Catherine 49 female Apex NC
Audette April 46 female Raleigh NC
Austin Chad 47 male Raleigh NC
Austin Koren 47 female Raleigh NC
Autry Catherine 36 female Garner NC
Ayers Stulgis Megan 34 female Washington DC
b. simone 11 female holly springs NC
B. George 11 male Holly Springs NC
B. Alexander 12 male Miami FL
B. Lylah 9 female Holly Springs NC
Bailey Madeline 26 female Raleigh NC
Baker Trae 34 male Garner NC
baker kelly 33 female Garner NC
Banbula Agnieszka 51 female New Hill NC
Bardell Beth 42 female Holly Springs NC
Bardell Tom 41 male Holly Springs NC
beemer joseph 55 male clayton NC
Bell Anne 60 female Garner NC
Bell Emily 33 female Clayton NC
Bird Debbie 63 female Orono ME
Bird Angie 36 female Roanoke VA
Bird Dean 64 male Bangor ME
Bird Zach 33 male Roanoke VA
BIRD Nathan 34 male Raleigh NC
Blackman Kim 56 female Garner NC
Blalock Justin 30 male Knoxville TN
Blalock Andrew 37 male Virginia Beach VA
Blalock Paige 28 female Knoxville TN
Bloom Karen 54 female Raleigh NC
Bowen Kristen 34 female Clayton NC
Bowen Marvin 35 male Clayton NC
Bowes Heather 27 female Garner NC
Bowes Jacob 27 male Garner NC
brecht heidi 50 female Holly Springs NC
Brenneis Julie 36 female Raleigh NC
Brittingham James 60 male Zebulon NC
Brittingham Heather 54 female Zebulon NC
Brower Erin 38 female Raleigh NC
Brown Ashley 38 female Raleigh NC
Bryan Robert 35 male Garner NC
Bullard Kimberly 50 female Garner NC
Burrows Chris 34 male Garner NC
Butler Tammy 56 female Garner NC
C. Caswell 16 male Raleigh NC
C. Stephen 15 male Garner NC
C. Grant 14 male Garner NC
C. Jane 13 female Raleigh NC
C. Camden 14 male Raleigh NC
C. Keaton 17 male Raleigh NC
C. Mackenzie 12 female Garner NC
C. Brack 11 male Raleigh NC
caldwell john 56 male raleigh NC
Calvo Cecilia 33 female Huntersville NC
campbell patricia 54 female Garner NC
Canipe Bill 55 male Clayton NC
Canipe Madison 19 female Clayton NC
Canipe Kimberly 55 female Clayton NC
Carpenter Ethan 18 male Garner NC
Carpenter Tristin 50 female Garner NC
Carpenter Don 82 male Raleigh NC
Carroll Larry 44 male Sanford NC
Chappell Susan 60 female Raleigh NC
Choi Anna 52 female Raleigh NC
Cochran Kyle 30 male Raleigh NC
Cochran Caitlyn 32 female Raleigh NC
Cooper Margaret Ann 58 female Raleigh NC
Cooper Danielle 31 female Raleigh NC
Costa Laura 49 female willow spring NC
Creasman Stephanie 59 female Apex NC
Cromity Heidi 47 female raleigh NC
Cronin Julie 57 female Benson NC
Crooks Kara 45 female RALEIGH NC
D. Max 11 male Garner NC
D. Marcus 17 male Garner NC
D. Maddox 12 male Garner NC
Davis Elmer 84 male Garner NC
Davis Kay 65 female Raleigh NC
Davis Matt 46 male Garner NC
DeGaray Amber 42 female Garner NC
Denning Stephen 42 male Garner NC
dietz leslie 60 female holly springs NC
Doan Jill 41 female Garner NC
Doan Vinh 40 male Garner NC
Dowdy Phyllis 62 female Raleigh NC
Dowdy Eric 40 male Raleigh NC
Dubnansky Wayne 68 male Durham NC
Dudley Mary 55 female Raleigh NC
Dudley Amanda 25 female Raleigh NC
Duke Kristen 47 female Garner NC
Dunn Corinne 64 female Raleigh NC
Duvall Kristin 53 female Raleigh NC
Duvall Gregory 59 male Raleigh NC
Eagles Barbara Anne 49 female Apex NC
Edwards Kelly 35 female Raleigh NC
Edwards Chris 33 male Raleigh NC
Engler Joe 47 male Angier NC
Ervin Bonnie 70 female westerville OH
Evans Ashley 35 female Raleigh NC
F. Will 14 male hanahan SC
Farrow Kelly 48 female Garner NC
Fish Richard 70 male Raleigh NC
Fitzgibbons Michael 65 male Mundelein IL
Fitzgibbons Mary 57 female Mundelein IL
Fitzpatrick Shawna 38 female Raleigh NC
Foy Judy 69 female Grayslake IL
Foy Kaitlin 32 female Grayslake IL
Fynboe Karsten 43 male Willow Spring NC
Fynboe Kelly 43 female Willow Spring NC
G. Abigail 18 female Woodbridge VA
G. Abigail 13 female apopka FL
G. Catie 17 female Gaithersburg MD
G. Emma 13 female Garner NC
G. Nick 10 male Garner NC
G. Raylan 4 male Garner NC
G. James 13 male Gaithersburg MD
Galant Joseph 49 male Gaithersburg MD
Galant Rachelle 44 female Gaithersburg MD
Galavotti Gary 57 male Garner NC
Galavotti Barbra 52 female Garner NC
Gamsey Zach 35 male Garner NC
Gamsey Kaleigh 35 female Garner NC
Gelo Donald 74 male Raleigh NC
Gidley Tiffany 31 female Garner NC
Gidley JR 30 male Garner NC
Gladieux Clayton 30 male Raleigh NC
Godwin John 37 male Raleigh NC
Grande Anthony 49 male Raleigh NC
Grande Kaileigh 24 female Brooklyn NC
Granet Jonathan 44 male Apopka FL
Granet Gwen 45 female Apopka FL
Greaves Kendra 37 female Garner NC
Griffin Beth 59 female Apex NC
Griffin David 60 male Apex NC
Griffin Kyle 29 male Arlington VA
Griffin Jimmie 45 male Woodbridge VA
Griffin Chelsea 29 female Arlington VA
Griffin Christy 47 female Woodbridge VA
Grubb Linde 32 female Cary NC
Grubb Brad 34 male Cary NC
Guiditta Brian 33 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Gulledge Joel 54 male Garner NC
H. Oliver 5 male Raleigh NC
H. Joshua 14 male apex NC
H. Aidan 10 male Holly Springs NC
Hammerstein Shelby 26 female Garner NC
Hammerstein Jeffrey 53 male Garner NC
Hammerstein Letitia 55 female Garner NC
Hampton Nicole 45 female Garner NC
Hand John 37 male Clayton NC
Hand Anne-Marie 38 female Clayton NC
Handley Nancy 54 female Clayton NC
Handley James 58 male Clayton NC
Harewood Brad 41 male Garner NC
Harris Ryann 43 female Garner NC
Harrison Melisa 39 female Garner NC
Hartzell Kristin 35 female Raleigh NC
Hartzell Sam 35 male Raleigh NC
Haworth Nancy 43 female Raleigh NC
Heggen Paul 44 male Garner NC
Heggen Rachel 36 female Garner NC
Henderson Samuel 31 male Chicago IL
Hendricks Aaron 27 male Holly Springs NC
Hendricks Jessica 31 female Holly Springs NC
Hendricks Christine 31 female Holly Springs NC
Hendricks Christian 58 male Holly Springs NC
Hendricks Alex 33 male Holly Springs NC
Heuser Winnie 63 female Garner NC
Hibbard Debra 64 female Raleigh NC
Hicks Denise 59 female raleigh NC
Hodges Milly 49 female Clayton NC
Hodges Audrey 44 female Wilmington NC
Hogan Margaret 69 female Raleigh NC
Holloway Jamie 32 female Raleigh NC
Hopkins Heather 47 female Angier NC
Hopkins Gary 69 male Benson NC
Horne Shannon 47 female Apex NC
Horne Kaitlyn 19 female Apex NC
Horne Bryan 48 male Apex NC
HOWLETT MERIBETH 56 female Raleigh NC
Huff Amanda 40 female Willow Spring NC
Huff David 40 male Garner NC
Huff Michaela 38 female Garner NC
HUffman Charles 65 male Troutman NC
Huffman Barbara 60 female Troutman NC
Huffman Kenzie 26 female Troutman NC
Ilica Beliz 23 female Raleigh NC
Isik Semih 30 male Raleigh NC
J. Olivia 9 female Raleigh NC
J. Charlie 11 male Raleigh NC
jackson joshua 28 male Garner NC
Jackson Danielle 44 female Raleigh NC
Jackson Bill 44 male Raleigh NC
Jamison Mary 67 female garner NC
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