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11/24/2022 @ 07:30 am

Skinny Turkey 5K 10K & Half Marathon

Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, 1 Mile Run

Raleigh, NC
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The FS Series was incorporated and began hosting events in 2006.  In addition to a strong reputation for putting on top-quality events, it has worked hard to become part of the community.   FS Series is a for-profit company with a strong reputation for partnering and giving back to many beneficiaries. This specific race team recently raised over $3700 for Make-A-Wish NC from the Brier Creek Cupcake Run in October 2021. 

In partnership with Wakefield High School Parent Teacher Student Association, FS Series created the Skinny Turkey Road Race on Thanksgiving to help heal a community.  Since its inception over ten years ago, the SKINNY TURKEY Road Race has become a significant fundraiser for the Just Think First Program. In the past, the event has helped fund teaching videos that tell the story of something that happened to real students who attended school at Wakefield High. Here is a small example of some of the early efforts.   

This race has also helped fund video projects, and proceeds also paid for speakers and various activities planned during the school year to help students make the right choices. In addition, every year since the race started, the Just Think First Program has awarded scholarships to graduating seniors every year. 

In full transparency, the canceling of the 2020 Skinny Turkey impacted both FS Series and the Just Think First Program.  Currently, the program is in transition and is planning adjustments with a new and fresh approach for a post-pandemic world.  The FS Series team is in close collaboration with the school to develop new ideas and goals for the program.   Proceeds and donations from the 2021 Skinny Turkey will be leveraged towards a new mission and program at Wakefield High School.    Our commitment and history to our community will remain strong as we work through this transition with the school. 

The collaboration will be evident at the 2021 Skinny Turkey as many volunteering students from Wakefield High play a critical role in the success of the race day.  Take notice of the significant presence of students volunteering to achieve Just Think First Program recognition at graduation and take the time to thank them.   Also, when you visit Wakefield High School, you may notice Just Think First flags and stickers around the school.

When the future of the program is clear, we will provide updates to our running community.  We are expecting planning to take place in the first half of 2022.