03/25/2023 @ 7:00 am

Crystal Coast Triathlon Half Booty Practice Day

Beaufort, NC
Practice Day Sponsor

Practice Day Courses
The Yo Heave Ho! Booty Practice Day is intended for participants to experience the entire Half Booty course and a portion of the Booty run.  Both the bike and the run courses are modified to include an alternate start/finish location but otherwise follow the actual event courses.

Depending on an individual's goals for the practice day, it is possible to vary individual training for the day with several different options.  NOTE: Turn-by-Turn instructions are only provided for the intended practice day courses.

Bike Training Route Variations:
Download bike route turn-by-turn instructions here.
  1. [Intended Practice Route] 56-mile Half Booty bike course with modified start/stop location.
  2. [Shortened Practice Route]  42-mile bike course that eliminates significant portions of the Half Booty course by cutting off the northernmost portion of the course using the Full Booty route as a cuthrough. 
    • GarminConnect Link
    • RideWithGPS Link
    • NOTE: This route can be shortened further by continuing straight on Bridges St (NOT turning right on N 20th St) but this eliminates one of the very nice sections of the ride that you might not want to miss!
Run Training Route Variations:
Download run route turn-by-turn instructions here.
  1. [Intended Practice Route] 7.25-mile portion of the Full and Half Booty run course with modified start/stop location.
  2. [Shortened Practice Route] Reduce the run distance by aboaut 2 miles by turning LEFT at Front Street and Lennoxville Road (at the Boathouse) rather than turning RIGHT. 
  3. [Extended Practice Route] Repeat some or all of the intended route to achieve the desired distance.  Downtown Beaufort is roughly laid out in a grid so cutthrough road options are available throughout the route.

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