03/25/2023 @ 7:00 am

Crystal Coast Triathlon Half Booty Practice Day

Beaufort, NC
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Yo Heave Ho! Booty Practice Day Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the schedule for the practice day?

7:00 am – Check-in begins at Mill Whistle Brewing
7:30 am – Ride start.
10:30 am – 11:30 am (Varying) – Participants begin run as they return from the ride.
11:30 am – Lunch is served 

Where is the start/finish location?

BackStreet Pub, 124 Middle Ln, Beaufort, NC 28516

How will the pacing groups be set?

All cycling groups must be ready to depart at 7:25 am.Pace markers will be setup to allow individuals to group by desired pace.Each group will have at least one designated leader who will lead the group on the intended route.Groups will depart in order of fastest to slowest.
Pace markers will be set for runners to assemble after the ride to join with companion runners.Run groups will be encouraged to start once a small group of companion runners have gathered.Several individuals will be identified as run group leaders.All runners are required to know the course since there is not a guarantee that a run leader will always be available given the variety of run start times. 

How many athletes will be participating?

See the participant list on the event website at https://app.racereach.com/event/yo-heave-ho-1/participants/

Will I need to setup a “transition area” for myself?

There will not be a formal transition area.Participants are encouraged to use their vehicles to stage the items they will need during transition.

Will my bike and other equipment be safe while I am running?

We can not guarantee the safety of any personal items left in and around the parking lot during the practice day.  All items should be secured within personal vehicles and bikes should be locked to secure personal bike racks. 

Will there be any sort of timing provided for the practice day?

No.  The practice day is intended for course exploration only.  No timing equipment will be used.

Will promotional items be available to purchase at the practice day?

Yes!  Crystal Coast Triathlon t-shirts ($10), water bottles ($4), and hats ($15) will be available for purchase before and after the practice.  Cash or check only will be accepted.  Only limited sizes and quantities available.



Are the routes marked?

The routes are NOT MARKED.You are strongly encouraged to download the routes to a GPS device and/or have the turn-by-turn instructions handy.Practice day routes are available at https://app.racereach.com/event/yo-heave-ho-1/practice-courses/.Copies of the turn-by-turn instructions will be provided at the start.

What is the distance for the practice day bike course?

The official practice day bike route is the entire Half Booty course with modifications only for the adjusted start/finish location.  The distance is 56.69 miles and the route link is available at https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/22632303.
Suggestions are provided for extending or shortening the route.  Route options are posted on the practice day website https://app.racereach.com/event/yo-heave-ho-1/practice-courses/

What if I can’t make the distance on the bike?

A vehicle is available to pick up participants who are unable to reach the finish location without assistance due to mechanical or medical situations.Athletes that are picked up will be driven back to the start/finish location at Mill Whistle Brewing. However, participants are encouraged to be realistic in the distance attempted to avoid dangerous situations or discomfort.

Because the group will depart from the start location in pace groups from fastest to slowest, an individual can choose to drop out of the current group to be picked up by the following group riding at a slower pace.

The last group will attempt to "sweep" all remaining cyclists to provide a "no-drop" ride.

How different are the practice day courses from the actual event courses?

The Practice Day Half Booty bike course is identical to the Half Booty event course except for variations required due to the modified start/finish location.
The Practice Day run course is identical to the first 7 miles of the Full Booty and Half Booty run courses except for variations required due to the modified start/finish location.

Where can I download the practice day routes to my GPS device?

Practice day route links are available on the “Practice Day Courses” page of the practice day website at  https://app.racereach.com/event/yo-heave-ho-1/practice-courses/

If I’m not yet ready for the intended practice day distances (for the bike and/or run), how can I shorten my training?

Suggestions are provided for shortening the routes.Options available on the practice day website .

I am ready for more!  How can I extend the course distances?

Suggestions are provided for extending the routes.Options available on the practice day website .

Nutrition and Hydration

What food and hydration will be provided?

Pre-ride:  Water will be available to fill up water bottles at the start.  

During the ride: Participants must provide and carry with them all their own hydration and nutrition needed during the ride, unless opting to purchase items along the route.  Options are available in Havelock for purchasing food and beverages and using restroom facilities.

Post-ride/Pre-run: Light snacks (bananas) 

During the run: Participants must provide and carry with them anything needed for their own hydration during the run.

Post-run: Bottled water.  Additionally, lunch will be served for all participants after the run.

What’s for lunch?

Chik-Fil-A will be donating lunch. Lunch will be served at Backstreet Pub at 11:30 and will remain available until the last participant checks in after completing the training.
Additionally, various restaurants are available in the area to deliver to Mill Whistle Brewing for any participants that would like to purchase additional lunch items.

What are the options for Saturday dinner?

Bike Course Support

Will SAG be provided for the bike course?

Mechanical support is NOT PROVIDED for the practice day.In case of emergency, a vehicle will be available for rider and bike pickup.This vehicle will NOT have mechanical support nor spare equipment. Please make sure you carry with you everything you will need for repairs with you on the ride.

Will there be a supported rest stop/aid station?

Convenience stores and other options for nutrition/hydration/restroom facilities along the route will be identified.  However, no official supported rest stop or aid station will be provided.

What do I need to have with me on the bike course?

Required Items:
  • Helmet
 Strongly Suggested Items:
  • Red taillight
  • Headlight
  • Cell phone (phone number of event coordinator will be provided at the ride start)
  • All tools and supplies in case of mechanical problems (spare tube, CO2 cartridges and regulator or pump, flat repair kit, allen wrenches, etc.)
  • GPS routing device and/or copy of the turn-by-turn instructions
  • Multiple water bottles
  • Nutrition
  • Money

Run Course Support

Will there be a supported rest stop/aid station?

No. Rest stops/aid stations are not provided for the practice day.

What do I need to have with me on the run course?

Strongly Suggested Items:
  • Cell phone (phone number of event coordinator will be provided at the ride start)
  • GPS routing device and/or copy of the turn-by-turn instructions
  • Money

Enjoying the Weekend before/after the Bike and Run

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