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Dec 16th @ 10a

5th Annual Jingle Bell Run

10K, 5K, 1 Mile Run

Cavalier Park
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
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Last Name First Name Age Gender City State
A. Katie 14 female Wilson NC
aldrich matthew 33 Male Wilson NC
Anderson Taiwan 42 male Wilson NC
Arizpe Britney 34 female Wilson NC
Ash Dana 41 female Wilson NC
Ash Cam 40 Male Wilson NC
B. Lane 10 male Stantonsburg NC
B. KaDee 13 female Stantonsburg NC
B. Parker 17 female Wilson NC
B. Kaleb 12 male Walstonburg NC
B. Clair 9 female Wilson NC
B. Avery 14 female Lucama NC
Babineau Alex 27 male Wilson NC
Bailey April 31 female Wilson NC
Barnes Catherine 35 Female Bailey NC
Barnes Morgan 20 female Wilson NC
Barnes Travis 34 Male Bailey NC
Barnes Kim 56 female Wilson NC
Bass Kristie 46 female Wilson NC
Bass Kim 44 female Stantonsburg NC
Bass Angie 45 female Pikeville NC
Beamon Marcy 32 female Wilson NC
belliotti tony 68 male Wilson NC
Bissette Warren 48 male Lucama NC
Blackwell Tracy 49 female Nashville NC
Boswell Elizabeth 39 female Wilson NC
Bourke Aoife 37 female Raleigh NC
Braddy Heather 45 female Wilson NC
Braswell Meredith 54 female Wilson NC
Brown Waltet 53 male Roanoke Rapids NC
Brown Maggie 21 female Roanoke Rapids NC
brown kathy 51 female roanoke rapids NC
Bruton Crystal 55 female Kenly NC
Bruton Katie 30 female Bailey NC
Bumgarner Scott 42 male Wilson NC
Bumgarner Allyson 42 female Wilson NC
Burns Jennifer 43 female Goldsboro NC
Butts Emilee 43 female Walstonburg NC
Bynum Daneika 41 female Durham NC
C. Aislinn 10 female Wilson NC
C. Riley 12 male Wilson NC
Campbell Sara 31 female Wilson NC
Canipe Madison 19 female Clayton NC
Canipe Bill 55 male Clayton NC
Carlton VaNesha 35 female Goldsboro NC
Carter Kimberly 52 female Wilson NC
Chambers Josh 40 male Wilson NC
Chambers Nora 43 female Wilson NC
Clemmer Jill 44 female Wilson NC
Coley Ashley 35 female Rocky Mount NC
Colon Juan 45 male Wilson NC
Cummings Melissa 43 female Wilson NC
D. Sean 11 male stantonsburg NC
Daniels Jr Roger 38 male Winterville NC
Danielson Kathryn 40 female Goldsboro NC
Davis Ronnie 65 Male Wilson NC
Davis Jeremy 43 Male Sims NC
Davis Janice 64 Female Wilson NC
Davis Austin 19 male Wilson NC
Davis Katelyn 21 female Wilson NC
denton jason 46 male wilson NC
Dixon Rebecca 45 female Wilson NC
Dixon Scott 51 male Wilson NC
Dorough Trent 41 male Wilson NC
Dorough Johnna 40 female Wilson NC
Dougherty Crystal 45 female Wilson NC
E. Aspen 10 female Wilson NC
Evans Thomas 43 male Wilson NC
Evans Kelly 44 female Wilson NC
F. Emersen 16 female Wilson NC
Favors Aaron 47 male Raleigh NC
Fitch Jim 50 male Wilson NC
Franks Gary 51 male Raleigh NC
G. Mason 12 male Wilson NC
G. Joseph 12 male Cary NC
Garrett Gage 29 male Nags Head NC
Gesell Stacy 45 female Wilson NC
Gibson Jennifer 30 female Rocky Mount NC
Glover Jeff 57 male Wilson NC
Grabek Justin 46 male Cary NC
Groose Jordan 28 female Wilson NC
H. Logan 10 female Stantonsburg NC
H. Chase 10 male Stantonsburg NC
Hall April 53 Female LaGrange NC
Hall Kimber 30 female Elm city NC
Hamm Veta 55 female Angier NC
Haney Tiant 42 male Rocky Mount NC
Hare Rachelle 38 female Greenville NC
Hart Marsha 42 female Wilson NC
Harwood Tiffany 30 female Wilson NC
Hawkins Lorie 42 female Wilson NC
Hawkins David 42 male Stantonsburg NC
Hendrix Kevin 63 male Wilson NC
Hess Hans 67 male Wilson NC
Hinnant Sammy Jo 30 female Manteo NC
Hong Lauren 30 female Sims NC
Hooks Jeanna 41 female Wilson NC
J. Olivia 17 female Wilson NC
Jackson Julie 41 female Lucama NC
Jones Karen 42 female Durham NC
Jones Gail 53 female Snow Hill NC
Jones III Joseph 52 male Rocky Mount NC
Kite Johna 50 female Wilson NC
Lippert Kristin 37 female Wilson NC
Lynch Kelly 43 female Raleigh NC
Mbilinyi Lyungai 47 female Cary NC
Meidinger Kim 54 female Elizabeth City NC
Mitchell Laura 58 female Goldsboro NC
Moore Crissy 49 female Rocky Mount NC
Neely Wendy 47 female Sims NC
Neely Landon 20 male Wilson NC
Norris Brent 44 male Wilson NC
Orr Winstead Kristin 48 female Wilson NC
Owensby Andy 29 male Wilson NC
P. Tanner 11 male Stantonsburg NC
P. Evan 15 male Wilson NC
Park Kathryn 33 female Wilson NC
Park Bridger 39 male Wilson NC
Payne Jaidan 18 female Wilson NC
Pierce Mindy 42 female STANTONSBURG NC
Pierce Kevin 43 male Stantonsburg NC
Porath Rachelle 44 female Garner NC
Quick Wendy 51 female Wilson NC
Ragle Harley 37 male Wilson NC
Ramos George Harry 41 male Wilson NC
Rhyne John 56 male Wilson NC
Rhyne Beth 53 female Wilson NC
Riley Lisa 53 female Wilson NC
Rivera Maria 50 female Wilson NC
Rosa Ruben 55 male Wilson NC
Russell Jonathan 40 male Wilson NC
Russell Shannon 38 female Wilson NC
S. Cameron 11 male Stantonsburg NC
S. DJ 15 male Lucama NC
S. Charlie 12 male Lucama NC
S. Kaitlin 13 female Wilson NC
S. Lin 15 male Lucama NC
Sage Janet 49 female Rocky Mount NC
Scherf Kayla 36 female Littleton NC
Schupbach Amy 44 female Wilson NC
Scott Emily 62 Female Kenly NC
Scott Gene 64 Male Kenly NC
Scott Ashley 30 female Wilson NC
Shearon Paula 37 female Wendell NC
Shearon Chris 42 male Wendell NC
Shelton Joni 62 Female Stantonsburg NC
Simmons Niyah 25 female Wilson NC
Smith Sandra 57 female Wilson NC
Smith Erica 42 female Stantonsburg NC
Smith Demetrius 47 male Wilson NC
Smith Denisa 50 female Elm City NC
Stocks Nancy 58 female Wilson NC
Stolarik Jean 68 female Wilson NC
Stolarik Dave 75 male Wilson NC
Strickland Miste 51 female Middlesex NC
T. Seth 15 male ZEBULON NC
T. Leighton 12 female ZEBULON NC
Testino Joe 60 male Wilson NC
TRULL Kara 46 female ZEBULON NC
Tyson Mandy 41 female Wilson NC
V. Taryn 8 female Wilson NC
Vitale Courtney 26 female Wilson NC
Vitale Kelly 43 female Wilson NC
W. Tuck 10 male Wilson NC
W. Allie 15 female Goldsboro NC
W. Shelby 7 female Wilson NC
W. Brayden 7 male Wilson NC
W. Willow 9 female Wilson NC
W. Kaili 8 female Wilson NC
W. Sophie 11 female Elm City NC
Wall Anna 21 female Goldsboro NC
Wall Julie 49 female Goldsboro NC
Ward Jessica 41 female Elm City NC
Ward Katelynn 18 female Elm City NC
Webb Meredith 35 female Wilson NC
Webb Shane 19 male Wilson NC
webb debbie 64 female Stantonsburg NC
Wells Doug 57 male Wilson NC
Wheeler Shana 45 Female Wilson NC
Whitley Ricky 66 male Wilson NC
Whitley Joan 61 female Wilson NC
Wicks Neil 60 male Wilson NC
Wiggins Mack 41 male Wilson NC
Wilkinson Patch 56 female Wilson NC
Williford Kathy 52 female Wilson GA
winstead haley 28 female Sims NC
Winstead Chad 44 male Wilson NC
Wu Mark 26 male Rocky Mount NC
Yankosky Janet 50 female Wilson NC
Z. Valeria 14 female Wilson NC
Zapanta Jeanette 47 female Wilson NC
Zenkowich Robert 56 male Pinetops NC