The RDC marathon and half marathon is proud to present the RDC 35.5, 22.4 and 15k Challenge!   In order to complete the challenge you must run the 10k and 5k Saturday and complete either the marathon or half marathon on Sunday.   You will get 1 medal for each event then Challenge medal.  35.5 and 22.4 Challenges will receive a 3/4 zip pullover as well.

RDC 35.5 (10k, 5k, marathon)
RDC 22.4 (10k, 5k, half marathon)
RDC 15k (10k, 5k)

8:00 am 10k Start (you must finish by the start of the 5k)
9:30 am 5k Start


7:15 am Marathon and half marathon start at the same time
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