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03/23/2019 @ 10:00 am
Battle of the Border
Criterium Bike
Garysburg, NC
only adults are listed, minors are not shown
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Name Category Age Gender City State
Amos, Adrian Doubledown 43 male Doswell VA
anderson, brian Doubledown 40 male moyock NC
Auza, Mark Doubledown 38 male Virginia Beach VA
Bacon, Mark Doubledown 53 male Raleigh NC
baisden, nicholas Doubledown 32 male Elizabeth City NC
Baker, Adam Doubledown 33 male Virginia Beach VA
Barton, Maggie Single Race 36 female Richmond VA
Baxter, John Doubledown 57 male Raleigh NC
Bell, Gisela Doubledown 44 female Virginia Beach VA
Berry, Nate Doubledown 31 male Greensboro NC
Bickerstaffe, Robert Doubledown 48 male Wake Forest NC
Bosworth, Collin Doubledown 23 male Charlotte NC
Bower, Paige Doubledown 26 female Morrisville NC
Buxbaum, Marc Doubledown 49 male Wake Forest NC
Casteen, jason Doubledown 43 male albemarle NC
Ceniccola, Chris Doubledown 53 male Virginia Beach VA
Costa, Graham Doubledown 30 male Newport News VA
Craddock, Jeff Doubledown 54 male Virginia Beach VA
Crain, Van Doubledown 55 male Virginia Beach VA
Davis, Brandon Doubledown 30 male Richmond VA
dempsey, jonathan Doubledown 37 male Cary NC
Dimalanta, Oliver Doubledown 42 male Virginia Beach VA
Ebmeier, David Doubledown 60 male Virginia beach VA
Eiler, John Single Race 37 male Richmond VA
Eisner, Joel Doubledown 49 male Chapel Hill NC
Eisner, Joshua Doubledown 19 male Chapel Hill NC
Fischer, Colin Doubledown 19 male Virginia Beach VA
Fisher, Corey Single Race 46 male cary NC
Fryar, Max Doubledown 45 male Virginia Beach VA
Garner, Brian Doubledown 30 male Raleigh NC
Gerarden, Keith Doubledown 40 male Chapel Hill NC
Gilmartin, Sean Doubledown 52 male Gloucester VA
Grant, Michael Doubledown 33 male Virginia Beach VA
Gray, John M Single Race 42 male Chesapeake VA
Grochowski, Zachary Doubledown 29 male Raleigh NC
Guillen, William Doubledown 23 male Morrisville NC
Guyon, Jerome Doubledown 45 male Virginia Beach VA
hadley, jerry Doubledown 49 male Chesapeake VA
Hendricks, Steve Doubledown 37 male chesapeake VA
Hight, Doug Doubledown 48 male virginia beach VA
Hinckley, James Doubledown 43 male Trent Woods NC
Hohn, Greg Doubledown 56 male Chapel Hill NC
Hunt, Mitch Doubledown 57 male Suffolk VA
johann, tom Single Race 58 male oak island NC
Johnson, Jake Doubledown 23 male Raleigh NC
Johnson, Keith Doubledown 58 male Virginia Beach VA
Joyner, Emily Doubledown 38 female virginia beach VA
Kelleher, Brian Doubledown 52 male Lynchburg VA
konopnicki, kyle Doubledown 34 male Norfolk VA
Kozak, Sarah Doubledown 32 female Suffolk VA
Kraxberger, Sarah Doubledown 35 female Graham NC
Krewinghaus, Michelle Doubledown 30 female Williamsburg VA
Langley, Charles Doubledown 52 male Virginia Beach VA
Lawson, Dylan Doubledown 24 male Fayetteville NC
LeDuc, David Doubledown 68 male Willow Springs NC
Livermon, Lucas Doubledown 35 male Durham NC
Llanes, Lj Doubledown 31 male Virginia Beach VA
Loafman, Robert Doubledown 48 male Garner NC
Loftus, Matt Doubledown 40 male Charlottesville VA
Lyew, Robert Doubledown 25 male Hartsville SC
martin, Gabriel Doubledown 36 male Cary NC
McCarthy, Brendan Doubledown 34 male Whispering Pines NC
McClay, Mark Doubledown 48 male Whispering Pines NC
McDaniel, William Single Race 47 male Raleigh NC
Mills, Thomas Doubledown 56 male Lynchburg VA
muller, chad Doubledown 31 male virginia beach VA
Netzer, Dan Doubledown 46 male Norfolk VA
Newsome, Brandon Doubledown 34 male Virginia Beach VA
newsome, dixie Doubledown 29 female Virginia Beach VA
Nicholson, James Doubledown 42 male CHESAPEAKE VA
O'Gorman, Bob Doubledown 50 male Wake Forest NC
OBriant, Richard Doubledown 27 male FUQUAY VARINA NC
Oliver, Andrew Doubledown 47 male Virginia Beach VA
Overman, Hal Doubledown 43 male CARY NC
Palmieri, Frank Single Race 39 male Yorktown VA
Palmieri, Marion Single Race 38 female Yorktown VA
Parker, Randy Doubledown 60 male Raleigh NC
Perkins, Shawn Doubledown 50 male Raleigh NC
Plewacki, Ray Single Race 59 male Fairfax VA
Redden, Sam Doubledown 34 male Newport News VA
Ritter, Clayton Doubledown 47 male Virginia Beach VA
Rivenbark, Zachary Doubledown 25 male Wilmington NC
Scott, Ryan Doubledown 19 male Midlothian VA
Shearer, Deborah Doubledown 20 female Virginia Beach VA
Silvers, Krista Doubledown 34 female Virginia beach VA
Sonson, Joe Doubledown 36 male Norfolk VA
Spain, Benjamin Doubledown 24 male Raleigh NC
Staples, Curtis Doubledown 36 male Apex NC
Still, Jeremiah Doubledown 37 male Norfolk VA
Still, Mary Doubledown 38 female Norfolk VA
Stout, Todd Doubledown 56 male southern Pines NC
Stupak, Thompson Single Race 20 male Fuquay Varina NC
Telford, Joe Doubledown 40 male Virginia Beach VA
Test6767, David Single Race 48 male Raleigh NC
van Dijk, Ramon Doubledown 52 male RALEIGH NC
Van Hook, Gordan Evans Doubledown 62 male Suffolk VA
vincelette, chad Doubledown 49 male virginia beach VA
Walker, Stephen Doubledown 40 male Culpeper VA
watson, kyle Doubledown 31 male virginia beach VA
Whicker, Brady Doubledown 25 male Chapel Hill NC
Whitley, Melissa Doubledown 43 female Albemarle NC
Whitley, Roger Single Race 47 male Suffolk VA
Winch, Andy Doubledown 48 male Portsmouth VA
Wittwer, Erin Doubledown 37 female Henrico VA
Young, Rick Doubledown 55 male Virginia Beach VA
zamarripa, carlos Doubledown 44 male Cary NC
Zamarripa, Javier Doubledown 23 male Cary NC