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09/12/2015 @ 07:30 am

Finish Strong Half Iron Distance and Odd Distance Triathlon

Apex, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
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Last Name First Name Age Gender City State
Adkins Dan 46 Male Cary NC
Amisano Paul 47 Male Apex NC
Amisano Angela 42 Female Apex NC
Antor Carli 31 Female Chapel Hill NC
Bailey James 52 Male Apex NC
Beachler Michael 70 Male Washington NC
Beauchamp Christina 38 Female Raleigh NC
Bevier John 70 Male Raleigh NC
Borawski Joseph 47 Male Durham NC
brennen kathleen 50 Female chapel hill NC
Brown Vic 71 Male Cary NC
Bruner Matt 39 Male Charlotte NC
Burton John Michael 33 Male Durham NC
Caporiccio Angie 52 Female Raleigh NC
Carlson Ana 38 Female Chapel Hill NC
Casperson Jennifer 42 Female Raleigh NC
Centeno Martha 61 Female Raleigh NC
clark john 42 Male raleigh NC
Cohen-Mazurowski Kelly 36 Female Durham NC
Conner David 61 Male South Boston VA
Cooper Carlton 65 Male Raleigh NC
Core Alesia 53 Female Raleigh NC
cox adrian 45 Male RALEIGH NC
Cribb Brian 52 Male badin NC
Cunningham Scott 55 Male Apex NC
Cunningham Maureen 58 Female Hillsborough NC
Cushing Nick 42 Male Charlotte NC
Daly Melissa 58 Female Orlando FL
de la parra rodrigo 51 Male Cary NC
Earley Kevin 49 Male Raleigh NC
Egbert Daniel 49 Male Sanford NC
ericson rachel 35 Female Angier NC
Foehl Jamie 44 Female Durham NC
fox derek 36 Male holly springs NC
Fuller Todd 47 Male Cary NC
Gaal Marty 50 Male Morrisville NC
Gallo Derek 34 Male Raleigh NC
Gangappa Ravikiran 37 Male Cary NC
Gee Mandy 42 Female Apex NC
Gilbert Susie 59 Female Durham NC
Gilbert Craig 62 Male Durham NC
Goforth Daniel 34 Male Weaverville NC
Goyda Shannon 42 Female Greensboro NC
Graser Gerson 57 Male Cary NC
Hancox Jessica 38 Female Raleigh NC
Harris Tony 50 Male Austin TX
Hawley David 63 Male Cary NC
Henegar Kevin 48 Male Raleigh NC
Hohls Edmund 55 Male Apex NC
Jenkins Rod 65 Male Raleigh NC
Jnah Eric 44 Male Apex NC
Jones Kimberly 54 Female Cary NC
Kanaby Michael 48 Male Apex NC
Kanaby Ami 50 Female Apex NC
Kim Christina 46 Female Durham NC
Kjellberg Christine 46 Female Apex NC
Knapp Greg 47 Male Greenville NC
Krizek Susan 54 Female Wake Forest NC
Kufen Chad 49 Male Raleigh NC
Laemmle Caitlin 33 Female Durham NC
Larson Sara 47 Female Chapel Hill NC
Lindsay Mark 50 Male High Point NC
Liptrot Jennifer 55 Female Raleigh NC
Little Susan 56 Female Wendell NC
Lohry Molly 34 Female raleigh NC
Loss Justin 39 Male Chapel Hill NC
Lovelace Tanner 51 Male Durham NC
Macdonald Anne 50 Female Cary NC
Macdonald David 57 Male Cary NC
Marshall Ralph 57 Male Hillsborough NC
Mazzillo Maria 41 Female Raleigh NC
McAmmond Jordan 45 Female jamestown NC
McCleary Jim 67 Male Raleigh NC
McGurrin Dave 46 Male pittsboro NC
McLaughlin Kelly 43 Female Durham NC
Melander Andrew 39 Male Vass NC
Mitschke Sarah 38 Female Durham NC
Moreira Rob 43 Male Raleigh NC
Morris Michelle 50 Female Charlotte NC
morrison cole 34 Male southern pines NC
Mosher Bryan 51 Male Holly Springs NC
Nightingale Trevor 53 Male Apex NC
offield candace 44 Female durham NC
Ortiz Cisco 54 Male Greensboro NC
palombo jessica 31 Female New York NY
Palombo Julie 61 Female NY NY
Pelczynski Kathleen 36 Female Raleigh NC
Phillips Kit 45 Male Apex NC
Pierce Joe 46 Male Huntsville AL
Prebles Jasmine 36 Female Pittsboro NC
Prudhomme Laura 52 Female Cary NC
Prudhomme Mark 54 Male Cary NC
Pullen Jim 54 Male Cary NC
Reinsel Jennifer 46 Female Raleigh NC
Reynolds Bradley 41 Male Raleigh NC
Robinson Blair 54 Male Cary NC
Robinson Amy 50 Female Cary NC
Rodgers Jo 50 Female Chapel Hill NC
Rodgers Phil 53 Male Chapel Hill NC
Royster Mark 47 Male Durham NC
Saad Mohammad 31 Male Cary NC
Scheck Sara 45 Female Raleigh NC
Schreiber Michael 61 Male Pleasant Garden NC
Schwadron Michael 53 Male Apex NC
Scott Heather 47 Female Raleigh NC
Sharp Matthew 59 Male Apex NC
Soleo Cari 53 Female Cary NC
Stohr Matthew 37 Male Fayetteville NC
Stover Steve 62 Male West Friendship MD
Sumbs Michael 35 Male Raleigh NC
Talley Libby 42 Female Cary NC
Taylor Zack 34 Male Louisville KY
Teleki Lili 40 Female Chapel Hill NC
Thiel Rachel 39 Female Raleigh NC
Thompson Steve 66 Male Chapel Hill NC
Tyrrell Daniel 33 Male Winston-salem NC
Underwood Chris 49 Male Durham NC
Valdes Manuel 41 Male Cary NC
Vosburgh Erik 30 Male cary NC
Wallace Tina 54 Female Graham NC
Wallace Duncan 66 Male Graham NC
Ward Jason 51 Male Raleigh NC
Weinhold Jonathan 39 Male Durham NC
Weslock Rick 49 Male Fort Mill SC
White JD 42 Male Raleigh NC
Wieand Bruce 64 Male Hillsborough NC
Willette Perry 60 Male Wake Forest NC
Winebarger Dusten 34 Male Greensboro NC
Zygmuntowicz George 54 Male Apex NC