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10/16/2016 @ 9:00 am

Dog Day 5K Presented by Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue

5K Run

Garner, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
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Last Name First Name Age Gender City State
Alvarado Lipscomb Erika 34 Female Raleigh NC
B. Alexa 8 Female Raleigh NC
Baird Elizabeth 60 Female Holly Springs NC
Barham Paige 30 Female Raleigh NC
Barnes Nell 71 Female Raleigh NC
Barnes Nell 71 Female Raleigh NC
Barrett Adam 42 Male Garner NC
Berg Pamela 45 Female Raleigh NC
Bosco Adrienne 48 Female Raleigh NC
Bradshaw Kim 57 Female Garner NC
Brown Holly 46 Female Durham NC
Carden Sydney 23 Female Raleigh NC
Chappell Michael 52 Male Raleigh NC
Crews Heather 34 Female Cary NC
Crews Robert 34 Male Cary NC
D'Ambrose Nikki 51 Female Raleigh NC
Dunlop Heidi 49 Female Louisburg NC
Dunmyer Chris 31 Male Raleigh NC
Elmore Melanie 48 Female Cary NC
Ferguson Chad 39 Male Raleigh NC
Ferguson Shannon 36 Female Raleigh NC
Frierson Cynamon 34 Female Raleigh NC
Gaskin Gracie 49 Female Raleigh NC
Gentry Angela 45 Female Cary NC
Haag Frank 69 Male Raleigh NC
Harris Ryann 43 Female Garner NC
Hatch Susan 73 Female Raleigh NC
Heider Scott 48 Male Raleigh NC
Henderson Cheryl 59 Female Willow Spring NC
Herb Melissa 49 Female Raleigh NC
Hiovich Pam 59 Female Raleigh NC
hodakowski kym 44 Female Raleigh NC
Horne Jerry 39 Male Stedman NC
House Jane 61 Female Willow Spring NC
Langguth Mike 50 Male Raleigh NC
Lee Raven 28 Female Raleigh NC
Leehr Dan 40 Male Morrisville NC
leon paul 59 Male garner NC
Mackey Christine 55 Female Raleigh NC
Michael Caitlyn 32 Female Greenville NC
Michael Justin 27 Male Raleigh NC
Milkovich Sarah 39 Female Raleigh NC
Miller Kevin 55 Male Fayetteville NC
Mishoe Taylor 62 Female Apex NC
Montgomery Maureen 41 Female Whitsett NC
Morales Suzette 35 Female Durham NC
Mortenson Dale 52 Male Cary NC
Mortenson Jennifer 50 Female Cary NC
Nickerson Michelle 30 Female Raleigh NC
Olsen Cassie 34 Female Raleigh NC
Orrange Stefanie 29 Female Raleigh NC
Parlberg Lindsay 27 Female Raleigh NC
Pastva Michael 47 Male Raleigh NC
Patterson Anne 26 Female Raleigh NC
Patterson Jane 57 Female Raleigh NC
Petraroia Rosanne 58 Female Morrisville NC
Phelps Kara 44 Female Cary NC
Phillips Mike 50 Male Raleigh NC
Piatkowski Kristina 42 Female angier NC
Pincus Nan 27 Female Chapel Hill NC
Pincus Kelly 57 Female Chapel Hill NC
Poiter Alex 30 Female Chapel Hill NC
Poiter Chris 32 Male Chapel Hill NC
Ray Caitlin 29 Female Raleigh NC
Reid Kathy 55 Female Raleigh NC
Reid Scott 59 Male Raleigh NC
Reilley Patrick 57 Male Raleigh NC
Robison Joni 65 Female Garner NC
Segura Gina 52 Female Raleigh NC
Segura Eric 49 Male Raleigh NC
Sherman Christine 57 Female Wake Forest NC
Shorey Danielle 32 Female Chapel Hill NC
Shorey Mark 33 Male Chapel Hill NC
Silvia Stacy 50 Female Apex NC
Simmons Jenna 33 Female Raleigh NC
Sink Sherri 42 Female Lexington NC
Skinner Gwen 61 Female Willow Spring NC
Tooley Terri 54 Female Middlesex NC
Trantham Kathryn 36 Female Wake Forest NC
W. Gracie 11 Female Raleigh NC
Walters Heidi 61 Female Raleigh NC
Weatherspoon David 52 Male Garner NC
Wegman Shelly 58 Female Garner NC
Wendel Jeff 55 Male Garner NC
Williams Mary Anne 70 Female Jacksonville NC
Williams Meagan 27 Female Garner NC
Williams Cailin 18 Female Garner NC
Williams Paul 81 Male Jacksonville NC
Williams Nancy 49 Female Garner NC
Winkle Kristen 42 Female Raleigh NC
young jeff 45 Male Raleigh NC
yu ellen 50 Female raleigh NC