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Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.

See who is running in this nighttime run through Wakfield. 

If you don't see your friend listed, contact them and make sure they don't miss out on this unique event!

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Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
Adhikari Kirsten 36 female Raleigh NC
A. Aaryan 12 male Raleigh NC
Aiken Elizabeth 44 female Apex NC
A. Savannah 13 female Apex NC
Algee Dana 41 female Raleigh NC
Andrassy Jennifer 38 female Raleigh NC
A. Caralie 9 female Raleigh NC
Bahr-Thaggard Julie 36 female Raleigh NC
Bauers Shelby 26 female Fort Bragg NC
Behrle Courtney 39 female Wendell NC
Behrle Amanda 34 female Durham NC
B. Gemma 3 female Durham NC
Behrle Pat 64 female Raleigh NC
Berg Christer 57 male Raleigh NC
Best-Barnes Keshia 51 female Durham NC
Bible Kristy 42 female Wake Forest NC
braswell cynthia 54 female Raleigh NC
Britt Teddy 45 male Wake Forest NC
B. Caroline 9 female Wake Forest NC
Brown Dave 35 male Clayton NC
Burnham Lisa 45 female Holly Springs NC
B. Madison 11 female Holly Springs NC
C. Liam 13 male Raleigh NC
Calabria Robert 71 male Raleigh NC
Calabria Anthony 47 male Raleigh NC
C. Evan 15 male Raleigh NC
Calabria Kelly 41 female Raleigh NC
Canedo Hugo 31 male Raleigh NC
Cisneros Jesade 44 female Cary NC
C. Madeleine 12 female Cary NC
Convard Dorothee 41 female Cary NC
Davis Ewana 57 female Raleigh NC
Davison Donna 54 female Durham NC
DeMocker sheri 46 female apex NC
Dorsett Casey 27 female Raleigh NC
Dye scarlett 27 female cary NC
Epps Jimmy (James) 18 male Raleigh NC
Epps H. Christine 51 female Raleigh NC
Epps Katherine Haley 24 female Raleigh NC
Starr-Esposito Allison 39 female Wake Forest NC
E. Frankie 11 male Wake Forest NC
Felts Rebecca 30 female Morganton NC
Das Sanjay 51 male Raleigh NC
Fontes Jennifer 50 female Raleigh NC
Forman Mackenzie 43 female Raleigh NC
Fought Lindsay 40 female Raleigh NC
F. Parker 8 male Raleigh NC
Garskof Ben 42 male Clarksville VA
gerard robyn 51 female Raleigh NC
gerard Brian 50 male Raleigh NC
Gomez Andre 42 male Apex NC
Gomez Cecy 40 female apex NC
Goodwin Sarah 36 female Wake Forest NC
Harlow Chrissy 47 female Wake Forest NC
Harris Amy 54 female Wake Forest NC
Harrison Jeremiah 36 male Lillington NC
Harrison Rebecca 33 female Lillington NC
head stacey 42 female apex NC
Hinckley Cathryn 39 female Cary NC
Homiak Justine 43 female Knoghtdale NC
Hudgins Andrew 31 male Raleigh NC
Itzkowitz Laura 32 female Holly Springs NC
Jammu Girish Raina 28 male Cary NC
Janczewski David 33 male Wake Forest NC
Janczewski Katie 33 female Wake Forest NC
Johnson Heather 41 female Raleigh NC
Jones Misti 46 female Wake Forest NC
Kardon Mary lynn 58 female Raleigh NC
Kardon Eric 24 male Raleigh NC
King Stephanie 41 female Raleigh NC
Crosby Mary 41 female Raleigh NC
Koca Quintin 44 male Zebulon NC
Koca Sandy 41 female Zebulon NC
Kordys Sabrina 39 female Hillsborough NC
Kraft Tom 45 male Wake forest NC
Lambert ZOILA 47 female Graham NC
Langworthy Thomas 35 male Apex NC
Lawson Jen 42 female Raleigh NC
Lebeda Amanda 29 female Raleigh NC
Lewis Jill 45 female Creedmoor NC
L. Anna 16 female Creedmoor NC
lewis Debbie 45 female Wake Forest NC
Lockemer Hillary 41 female Raleigh NC
Luca Jamie 29 female raleigh NC
Martin Zack 35 male Knightdale NC
Martin Gina 42 female Knightdale NC
M. Tucker 7 male Knightdale NC
Mcnamara Jim 52 male Louisburg NC
Moore Michael 54 male Wake Forest NC
M. Jacob 11 male Wake Forest NC
M. Gavin 11 male Wake Forest NC
Mujica Crystal 53 female Knightdale NC
Newman Lauren 35 female Apex NC
Norman Emma 47 female Raleigh NC
Obermiller Corey 28 female Raleigh NC
Obermiller Kyle 28 male Raleigh NC
Patel Shreya 26 female Cary NC
Paul Una 32 female Raleigh NC
Peek Donna 58 female Wake Forest NC
P. Caitlin 11 female Raleigh NC
Perez Christobal 50 male Raleigh NC
Perez Kathleen 46 female Raleigh NC
Pierson Dustin 37 male Raleigh NC
Poole Terri 61 female Youngsville NC
Porter Megan 28 female Cary NC
Powers-Maher Nicholas 30 male raleigh NC
Rathman Kristen 35 female apex NC
R. Regan 12 female Raleigh NC
R. Rilan 9 female Raleigh NC
Raubenstrauch Heather 46 female Raleigh NC
Reece Theresa 62 female Chapel Hill NC
R. Emma 14 female Wake Forest NC
R. Sarah 11 female Wake Forest NC
r. Maiya 9 female Wake Forest NC
Reynolds Jake 44 male Wake Forest NC
R. Mariah 11 female Clayton NC
Rose Janette 43 female clayton NC
Rose Stephen 44 male Clayton NC
Rudynski Jessica 28 female Wake Forest NC
Seawell Kristine 49 female Cary NC
S. Eli 12 male Cary NC
Seawell Mark 47 male Cary NC
S. Liam 8 male Cary NC
Seefeldt Glenn 48 male Greensboro NC
Seefeldt Julie 42 female Greensboro NC
S. Brianna 10 female Greensboro NC
S. Sierra 13 female Greensboro NC
S. Ellaina 7 female Greensboro NC
S. Gabriella 14 female Greensboro NC
Shang Alexa 28 female Raleigh NC
Smith Carol 61 female Raleigh NC
Smith Don 63 male Raleigh NC
Sowell Sharon 55 female Wake Foret NC
szarek taryn 29 female Raleigh NC
U. Apurva 13 male Wake Forest NC
Upadhyay Rachel 41 female Wake Forest NC
Wallner Joanna 38 female Creedmoor NC
Smith Paula 49 female Raleigh NC
West Leah 38 female Independence, va VA
Williams Danielle 24 female Clayton NC
Woelfle Gesina 33 female Wake Forest NC
Womble Meredith 39 female Wake Forest NC
Young Ronald 55 male Apex NC
Young Karen 56 female Apex NC
Zugasti Alfredo 50 male Cary NC