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05/17/2019 @ 8:15pm
The 8th Annual Catching Fireflies 5k Run/Walk
5K Run
Raleigh, NC
only adults are listed, minors are not shown

See who is running in this nighttime run through Wakfield. 

If you don't see your friend listed, contact them and make sure they don't miss out on this unique event!

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Name Age Gender City State
Abessinio, paula 45 female raleigh NC
Adams, Hilary 57 female Raleigh NC
Allen, Cheniqua 42 female Durham NC
Anaya, Gabriela 28 female Stem NC
Anderson, Alyssa 33 female Carrboro NC
Anderson, Ashton 24 female Knightdale NC
Anderson, Heather 39 female Durham NC
Anderson, Jana 44 female apex NC
Anderson, Susanne 44 female Hillsborough NC
Andrassy, Jennifer 37 female Raleigh NC
Antoine, David 28 male Durham NC
Arguelles, Sylmarie 43 female Raleigh NC
Armentrout, Gerald 59 male Raleigh NC
Bacon, Rasmi 41 female Raleigh NC
Baggaley, Cinnamon 50 female Knightdale NC
Bailey-Myers, Beth 57 female Raleigh NC
Banask, Angie 53 female Raleigh NC
Banks, Adam 33 male Hillsborough NC
Banks, Donna 53 female Garner NC
Banning, Courtney 24 female Raleigh NC
Barker, Kristin 49 female Cary NC
Barnes, Angela 54 female Wilson NC
Bassani, A 39 female Raleigh NC
bauer, donna 30 female greenville NC
Beavers, Kristy 45 female Youngsville NC
Bellamy, Karen 49 female Raleigh NC
Bennett, Earl 41 male Youngsville NC
Bennett, Kathy 59 female Wake Foresy NC
Bennett, Lisa 38 female Youngsville NC
Bennett, Mark 61 male Wake Forest NC
benz, emily 26 female wake forest NC
Berg, Christer 56 male Raleigh NC
Bible, Kristy 40 female Wake Forest NC
Biggs, Bobby 56 male KENLY NC
Biggs, Dee 55 female Kenly NC
Blazek, Carla 32 female Chapel Hill NC
Blazek, Matthew 30 male Chapel Hill NC
Blough, Amanda 34 female Rolesville NC
Blough, Rose 67 female Rolesville NC
Bodner, Steve 77 male Fayetteville NC
Book, Devan 24 female Raleigh NC
Bouchard, Lenny 57 male Raleigh NC
Bounds, Tamecka 44 female Morrisville NC
Bowen, Kate 47 female Holly Springs ND
Bowen, Mike 53 male Holly Springs NC
Bradley, Claudia 56 female Youngsville NC
Breen, Amber 31 female Four Oaks NC
Brennen, Gregory 31 male Durham NC
Breslauer, Cori 34 female Raleigh NC
Bridges, Ashley 32 female Holly Springs NC
Briest, Adam 30 male Raleigh NC
Britt, Sandy 56 female Raleigh NC
Broadwell, Kristin 33 female knightdale NC
Brock, Anne 55 female Apex NC
Brock, Gerald 57 male Apex NC
brockel, heather 44 female Durham NC
Brown, Andrew 51 male Raleigh NC
Brown, Hillary 26 female Clayton NC
Brustmeyer-Brown, Kechia 46 female Creedmoor NC
Bryant, Cameron 33 female Clinton NC
Bryant, Garrett 32 male Clinton NC
Bryant, Jason 39 male Apex NC
Bryant, Jennifer 39 female Apex NC
Buenviaje, Erwin 45 male Raleigh NC
Burden, Kelly 47 female Wilmington NC
Burnham, Lisa 44 female Holly Springs NC
Burns, Kathleen 31 female Durham NC
Burrows, James 52 male Raleigh NC
Caldwell, Briana 33 female Raleigh NC
callens, jennifer 35 female cary NC
Cameron, Gail 61 female Cary UT
Campbell, Bridggette 48 female Knightdale NC
Cannon, Brenda 66 female raleigh NC
Cannon, M. Danielle 36 female Raleigh NC
Capo, Artjola 41 female WAKE FOREST NC
Cardwell, Scott 36 male Durham NC
Carr, Hillary 36 female Rolesville NC
Carr, Patrick 42 male Wake Forest NC
carroll, holly 40 female RALEIGH NC
Casey, Johanna 37 female Wake Forest NC
Cassell, Kellyn 37 male Apex NC
Cates, Cynthia 42 female Hillsborough NC
Cates, Kristy 34 female Durham NC
Cates, Richard 32 male Durham NC
Catlin, Holly 31 female Raleigh NC
Caudle, Vickie 58 female Raleigh NC
Cerruti, Cynthia 64 female Phoenixville PA
Chase, Kim 42 female Raleigh NC
chen, donna 44 female Rolesville NC
Chudgar, Diane 39 female Raleigh NC
Clapsaddle, Ben 60 male Wake Forest NC
Clapsaddle, Nancy 61 female Wake Forest NC
Clapsaddle, Ranie 23 female Wake Forest NC
Clayton, Robin 54 female Timberlake NC
Cline, Charles 44 male Raleigh NC
Cline, Genno 47 female Raleigh NC
Codrington, Kimberly 42 female Raleigh NC
Cole, Ashley 28 female Raleigh NC
Cole, Dawn 43 female Fuquay Varina NC
Cole, Neka 47 female Raleigh NC
Coleman, David 35 male Raleigh NC
Coleman, Yaraliz 36 female Raleigh NC
Collins, Pam 50 female Wake Forest NC
Connelly, Patrick 35 male Willow Spring NC
Conner, Melanie 48 female Raleigh NC
Cook, Jennifer 41 female Wake Forest NC
Cottrill, Amanda 33 female Wake Forest NC
Cozart, Danielle 39 female Raleigh NC
Crabtree, Kelley 50 female Durham NC
Craig IV, CC 26 male Raleigh NC
Cromartie, Jamelia 41 female Cary NC
Curington, Karla 38 female Durham NC
Darduini, Monica 39 female Raleigh NC
Darling, Kathleen 32 female apex NC
Darnell, Allie 26 female CARRBORO NC
Davenport, Lisa 55 female Apex NC
Davies-Nunn, Tiffany 37 female Cary NC
Davis, Candace 42 female Wake Forest NC
Davis, Ewana 56 female Raleigh NC
Davis, Matt 29 male Durham NC
Davis, Quanesha 38 female Raleigh NC
Dawkins, Angelita 32 female Durham NC
Dean, Martha 62 female Cary NC
Dean, Robin 71 male Cary NC
defeo, cara 32 female raleigh NC
DeForge, Lisa 52 female Angier NC
DeGaetano, Alice 47 female Wake Forest NC
Dehandtschutter, Anouk 41 female Raleigh NC
DeLucca, Brandon 26 male Durham NC
Dennis, Kristy 36 female Raleigh NC
Dennison, Brice 18 male Raleigh NC
Denny, Abbey 24 female Raleigh NC
Dew, Al 44 male Raleigh NC
Dew, Theresa 44 female Raleigh NC
Diab, Stephanie 36 female Raleigh NC
Diamond, Deanna 42 female Wake Forest NC
Diamond, Dee 42 female wake forest NC
DiVincenzo, Pamela 47 female Apex NC
Dixon, Matthew 40 male Raleigh NC
Dobill, Daniel 50 male Garner NC
DOBILL, KATHY 50 female Garner NC
Dobson-Morgan, Crystal 43 female Raleigh NC
Donato, Bernardine 67 female Durham NC
Dorenkamp, Amanda 42 female Wake Forest NC
dozier, amy 42 female cary NC
Dozier, Amy 42 female Durham NC
Durso, Kimberly 33 female Raleigh NC
Duvall, Tina 40 female durham NC
Dwyer, Andy 50 male Raleigh NC
Dwyer, Judy 52 female Raleigh NC
Dwyer, Matthew 21 male Raleigh NC
Eakes, Sandra 74 female Timberlake NC
East, Casey 37 female Durham NC
Eddinger, Candace 44 female Raleigh NC
Edwards, Alexia 40 female Kittrell NC
Edwards, Damian 39 male Kittrell NC
Edwards, Tim 52 male Louisburg NC
eicher, justin 34 male raleigh NC
Eicher, Natalie 32 female Raleigh NC
elk, jamie 40 female raleigh NC
elk, jamie 40 female raleigh NC
Eller, Jennifer 25 female Franklinton NC
Ellinger, Jenni 41 female raleigh NC
Elliott, Lindsay 36 female Raleigh NC
Emerson, Hannah 22 female RALEIGH NC
Emerson, Jeffrey 51 male RALEIGH NC
Emig, Mary 58 female Spring Hope NC
English, Barbara 73 female Raleigh NC
Epps, H. Christine 50 female Raleigh NC
Epps, Katherine 23 female Raleigh NC
Erb, Todd 34 male Wake Forest NC
Erb, William 62 male Wake Forest NC
Fairley, Abby 28 female Richmond VA
Falk, Evelyn 62 female Xenia OH
Falk, Larry 64 male Xenia OH
Faneuf, melissa 42 female wake forest NC
Faneuf, Michael 44 male wake forest NC
Farmer, Josh 28 male Durham NC
Farrell, Beth 40 female Cary NC
Faust, Lindsay 35 female Raleigh NC
Felts, Rebecca 29 female Morganton NC
Ferguson, Thomas 53 male Holly Springs NC
Fettig, Brian 40 male Holly Springs NC
Finley, Laura 38 female Raleigh NC
Finley, Rachael 45 female raleigh NC
Fletcher, Erin 34 female Cary NC
Flood, Campbell 27 male Raleigh NC
Forman, Mackenzie 42 female Raleigh NC
Fought, Justin 38 male Raleigh NC
Fought, Lindsay 38 female Raleigh NC
Fowler, Mary 57 female Raleigh NC
Foye, Brenda 57 female FRANKLINTON NC
Franklin, Lindsay 34 female Cary NC
Freet, Jamie 29 female Raleigh NC
Freund, Emily 28 female Garner NC
Froeschner, Brian 51 male Zebulon NC
Frye, Heather 32 female wake forest NC
Frye, John 48 male Knightdale NC
Galloway, David 31 male Raleigh NC
Gary, Cynthia 45 female Raleigh NC
Gerard, Brian 48 male Raleigh NC
Gerard, Robyn 50 female Raleigh NC
gerogosian, charlene 37 female apex NC
Gilbert, Susan 61 female Raleigh NC
Godsey, Darlene 40 female Wake Forest NC
Godsey, Kevin 47 male Wake Forest NC
Gonzales, Jennifer 41 female Raleigh NC
Goodwin, Sarah 35 female wake forest NC
Goshorn, Cindi 42 female Clayton NC
Gottlieb, Mike 43 male Raleigh NC
Gover, Susan 46 female Raleigh NC
grady, alexis 28 female raleigh NC
Grady, Jennifer 32 female Raleigh NC
Green, Lori-Ann 45 female Raleigh NC
Green, Molly 29 female Raleigh NC
greer, tina 50 female Clayton NC
Griffith, Ashley 25 female Raleigh NC
Grimes, Justin 30 male Zebulon NC
Grimes, Katelyn 28 female Zebulon NC
Grimmett, Beth 50 female Raleigh NC
Groos, Alexandria 26 female Raleigh NC
Guerrero, Mark 48 male Creedmoor NC
Guerrero, Misty 41 female Creedmoor NC
Guidi, Jamie 50 female wake forest NC
Haight, Denise 48 female Wake Forest NC
Haight, Jesse 23 male Wake Forest NC
Hakenson, Caressa 43 female Havelock NC
Hakenson, Richard 43 male Havelock NC
Hall, Morgan 32 female Wake Forest NC
Hamill, Shana 40 female Holly Springs NC
Hamilton, Deanna 56 female Durham NC
Hamilton, Keri 32 female Raleigh NC
Hamma, Emily 29 female Wake Forest NC
Hampshire, Diane 55 female Raleigh NC
Hampshire, Douglas 57 male Raleigh NC
Hampshire, Ellyse 27 female Raleigh NC
Hampshire, Madison 23 female Raleigh NC
Handley, Kathryn 39 female Chapel Hill NC
Hanson, Elizabeth 55 female Blaydon On Tyne
Harris, Laurel 44 female Fuquay Varina NC
Hartog, Clayton 47 male Wake Forest NC
Hartog, Jeanette 46 female Wake Forest NC
Hartwick, Dawn 42 female Wake Forest NC
Hatton, Anna 40 female Raleigh NC
Hatton, Ivy 19 female Raleigh NC
Hazel, Kelly 34 female raleigh NC
Hazzard, Brieanne 23 female Fayetteville NC
head, stacey 40 female apex NC
Heath, Shannon 44 female Wake Forest NC
Hedrick, Chris 36 male Raleigh NC
Hefner, Marcia 43 female raleigh NC
Hefner, Martin 30 male Raleigh NC
Hefner, Morgan 42 male raleigh NC
HEINEMAN, STEVE 36 male Durham NC
Hendriks, Audrey 41 female Wake Forest NC
Hendrix, Beth 60 female Creedmoor NC
Henry, Gaylene 62 female Apex NC
Hensley, Trey 27 male Raleigh NC
HERNANDEZ, ADRIA 41 female Raleigh NC
Hinckley, Cathryn 37 female Cary NC
Hochhalter, Kristy 40 female Wendell NC
Hoeckel, Danielle 30 female Wake Forest NC
Hohl, Amanda 37 female Wake Forest NC
Holland, Andy 44 male Wendell NC
Holland, Karen 43 female Wendell NC
Holloman, Edith 60 female Chapel Hill NC
Holloman, Keuren 31 female Carrboro NC
Holloway, LaQuinta 28 female Durham NC
Holmes, Nina 42 female Wake Forest NC
Homiak, Justine 42 female Knightdale NC
Horiates, Julia 24 female Raleigh NC
Hough, Tobias 42 male Raleigh NC
Houghton, Kevin 46 male Apex NC
houghton, mandy 47 female apex NC
Hunt, Emily 43 female Cary NC
Hurley, Eileen 36 female Raleigh NC
Hutchinson, Melissa 45 female knightdale NC
Hutchinson, Neil 48 male knightdale NC
Huwe, Robin 39 female Wake Forest NC
Ireland-Desmond, Amanda 43 female Knightdale NC
Jennings, Sara 31 female Raleigh NC
Jimenez, Eguiselda 38 female Henderson NC
Johnson, Jennifer 39 female Apex NC
Johnson, Rashide 40 female Raleigh NC
Johnson, Sara 45 female Cary NC
Jones, Sonya 59 female Knightdale NC
Jones, Yvette 46 female Durham NC
Joyce, Brandon 40 male Durham NC
Joyce, Lisa 40 female Durham NC
Jugan, Jeff 50 male Wake Forest NC
Jusino, Theresa 50 female Franklinton NC
Kahdy, Kathryn 37 female Knightdale NC
keith, diane 67 female youngsville NC
Keith, Stephanie 37 female Oxford NC
keller, jacqueline 41 female YOUNGSVILLE NC
Kelley-Cram, Nancy 64 female Littleton NC
Kelmel, Michael 57 male Raleigh NC
Keltner, Becky 40 female Holly Springs NC
Kerbawy, Anna 32 female Youngsville NC
Khoury, Samira 30 female raleigh NC
Kilgore, Chelsey 34 female RALEIGH NC
Kim, Denisa 20 female Cameron NC
King, Stephanie 39 female Raleigh NC
Kinkead, Gavin 20 male Holly Springs NC
Kinkead, Kelly 49 female Holly Springs NC
Knight, Jason 39 male Raleigh NC
Knight, Karen 37 female Raleigh NC
Knight, Lakecia 43 female Raleigh NC
Koca, Quintin 43 male Zebulon NC
Koca, Sandy 40 female Zebulon NC
Kokubun, Deanna 51 female Durham NC
Koshi, Diana 45 female Raleigh NC
kraft, tom 44 male Wake forest NC
Lachance, Melanie 41 female Raleigh NC
Ladd, Aska 49 female Durham NC
Lafuria, Alesha 32 female burlington NC
Lampley, Bryan 47 male Clayton NC
Lampley, Melissa 47 female Clayton NC
Landry, Susan 58 female Cary NC
Lang, Kevin 37 male Raleigh NC
Laprarie, Amanda 37 female Raleigh NC
lavallee, susan 43 female wake forest NC
lavallee, tim 43 male wake forest NC
Leaver, Ashley 44 female Fuquay Varina NC
Lee, Daryl 36 male Zebulon NC
Lee, Jessica 31 female Zebulon NC
Lee, Tammy 26 female Raleigh NC
Lewandowski, Erin 31 female Raleigh NC
lewis, debbie 43 female wake forest NC
Lewis, Jill 43 female CREEDMOOR NC
Lewis, Russell 41 male WAKE FOREST NC
Lileton, Monica 36 female Franklinton NC
Lilley, Sara 31 female Wake Forest NC
Little, Jeffery 59 male Bel Air MD
Little, Robin 71 female Bel Air MD
Litton, Laura 57 female Franklinton NC
Liu, Lucy 28 female Raleigh NC
Livingston, Lenore 33 female Apex NC
Lloyd, Chris 50 male Holly Springs NC
Loader, Diana 34 female Goldsboro NC
Lockemer, Hillary 39 female Raleigh NC
Lockemer, Maggie 68 female Cary NC
Lomp, Rachael 25 female Boston MA
Lopez, Kristy 50 female Youngsville NC
Loschin, Tina 47 female Fleming Island FL
Lubenetski, Jezali 36 female Raleigh NC
Lucas, Brittney 30 female Fuquay-Varina NC
Lucente, Trisha 31 female Durham NC
Lynch, Sara 38 female Morrisville NC
Lynch, Tim 43 male Morrisville NC
Madison, Melissa 34 female Mebane NC
Mago-Shah, Deesha 34 female Cary NC
Majors, Shanell 43 female raleigh NC
Manilla, Selena 22 female garner NC
Martin, Daniel 36 male South Hill VA
Martin, David 63 male Raleigh NC
Martin, Gina 40 female Knightdale NC
Martin, Kristy 36 female south hill VA
Martin, Zack 34 male Knightdale NC
martinez, elizabeth 39 female raleigh NC
Martinez, Jaime 39 male Raleigh NC
Martinez, Lisa 33 female Hillsborough NC
Masters, Cathie 57 female Raleigh NC
mathews, blair 35 female Raleigh NC
matter, cheryl 54 female Wendell NC
Matter, Mark 53 male Wendell NC
Matthews, Angie 40 female Raleigh NC
Mattson, Megan 45 female Apex NC
Mayfield, Tiffany 33 female Wilmington NC
McCarthy, Jenny 35 female apex NC
McCarty, Rachel 39 female Raleigh NC
McClure, Melissa 42 female Raleigh NC
McCormack, Briana 24 female Raleigh NC
McCormick, Jesi 36 female Coats NC
McDougall-Collins, Katy 42 female raleigh NC
McGonigle, Helen 48 female Wake Forest NC
McGregor, Scott 31 male Raleigh NC
McGuinn, Brenda 62 female Lexington NC
McMillan, Janel 47 female Raleigh NC
McMurray, Nichelle 50 female Raleigh NC
Mcnamara, Jim 51 male Louisburg NC
McNevin, Colin 36 male Raleigh NC
McNevin, Grace 34 female Raleigh NC
McNierney, Poppie 45 female Holly Springs NC
Mehta, Suril 34 male Apex NC
Mello, Claudia 62 female Holly Springs NC
Mercado, Carlos 43 male Cameron NC
Meredith, Nancy 55 female Wake Forest NC
Mieure, Mary 50 female Raleigh NC
Miller, Kristi 46 female Raleigh NC
Mills, Cathrine 53 female ZEBULON NC
Mills, Cathrine 53 female Zebulon NC
Miranda, Kristal 27 female Apex NC
Miron, Lauren 32 female Raleigh NC
Mishoe, Taylor 61 female Apex NC
Mitchell, Carolyn 41 female Raleigh NC
Moody, Lindsey 27 female Chapel Hill NC
Moore, Jeannine 49 female Raleigh NC
Moore, Mike 54 male Wake Forest NC
Moore, Whitney 38 female Raleigh NC
Mora, Deris 41 female Henderson NC
Morales, Suzette 34 female Durham NC
Morales-Gagnon, Gabriel 24 male Cary NC
Moreno, Andrea 28 female Apex NC
Morrow, Gabrielle 51 female Raleigh NC
Mucklo, Jennifer 44 female Raleigh NC
Mull, Garrett 30 male Raleigh NC
Murphy, Brian 55 male Durham NC
Murphy, Cheryl 62 female Mebane NC
Nagy, Elizabeth 27 female Atlanta GA
Nee, Lauri 41 female Raleigh NC
Newman, Lauren 33 female Apex NC
Nguyen, Vivien 26 female Morrisville NC
Nock, Katie 34 female Durham NC
noon, karen 45 female Raleigh NC
Norman, Emma 45 female RALEIGH NC
Nowak, Richard 52 male Apex NC
Nunn, Jamison 39 male Cary NC
Outlaw, Johanna 44 female Raleigh NC
Owen, Millicent 59 female durham NC
Pandich, Jessica 25 female Raleigh NC
Papst, Christine 45 female Raleigh NC
Parker, Laurie 42 female Raleigh NC
Parris, Jordan 29 female Raleigh NC
Patel, Nilam 38 female Cary NC
Peek, Donna 57 female Wake Forest NC
Peek, Donna 57 female Wake Forest NC
Pepper, Maria 35 female Clayton NC
Perry, Tiffany 37 female Wendell NC
Phillips, Alyssa 28 female Raleigh NC
Phillips, Blanche 56 female Raleigh NC
Phillips, Mike 59 male Raleigh NC
Pickett, Farrah 42 female Raleigh NC
Pierson, Dustin 36 male Raleigh NC
Piojda, Beth 53 female Franklinton NC
Piojda, Joe 56 male Franklinton NC
Pittman, Summer 41 female Knightdale NC
Ponce, Maria 44 female Henderson NC
Powell, Jackie 29 male Raleigh NC
powell, jenna 23 female raleigh NC
powell, joshua 29 male raleigh NC
Pozsik, Ainsley 23 female Holly Springs NC
Price, Brittany 25 female Raleigh NC
Price, Colby 18 male Wake Forest NC
Price, Debbie 53 female Wake Forest NC
Price, Michael 29 male GARNER NC
Price, Mike 53 male Wake Forest NC
Protz, Judy 56 female Wake Forest NC
Purifoy, Tiffang 44 female Durham NC
Pyatt, Andora 50 female Raleigh NC
Queen, Kelly 52 female Apex NC
Radford, Amanda 26 female Raleigh NC
Raikin, Nicole 18 female WAKE FOREST NC
Raikin, Robert 22 male WAKE FOREST NC
Raikin, Rosa 52 female WAKE FOREST NC
Raikin, Sergio 52 male WAKE FOREST NC
Raubenstrauch, Heather 44 female Raleigh NC
Ray, Katie 33 female Wake Forest NC
Reams, Angie 48 female Rocky Mount NC
Reams, Sarah 43 female Raleigh NC
Reams, Scott 46 male Raleigh NC
Reason, Austin 24 male Raleigh NC
Reeve, Michelle 50 female Fuquay Varina NC
Reeve, Pete 51 male Fuquay Varina NC
Rehder, Catherine 42 female Durham NC
Reinhard, Morgan 27 female raleigh NC
Reinhardt, Nicole 47 female Raleigh NC
Renoe, Mike 28 male Chapel Hill NC
Richard, Cherie 45 female Butner NC
Riedel, Jamie 46 male