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11/14/2015 @ 9:00am

Road to Rolesville 5k & 10k Challenge

10K, 5K Run

Roleville, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
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Last Name First Name Age Gender City State
Abbott Tyler 31 Male Raleigh NC
Arout David 61 Male Raleigh NC
Batey Mark 54 Male Knightdale NC
Brown Chandler 25 Male Mooresville NC
Brown Barbie 43 Female Rolesville NC
Brown Alexandria 27 Female Raleigh NC
Brown Tamiko 46 Female Wake Forest NC
Chase Brittany 39 Female Rolesville NC
Closson Laura 44 Female Rolesville NC
Cole Joshua 41 Male Durham NC
Colebank Lynn 53 Female Wake Forest NC
Cruz Aleena 22 Female Raleigh NC
Davis Sharan 31 Female Raleigh NC
Dennington Eric 45 Male Wake Forest NC
Dolce Dan 60 Male Zebulon NC
Downing Audrey 65 Female Wake Forest NC
Durden Hailey 18 Female Rolesville NC
Durden Rick 46 Male Rolesville NC
E. Lucas 12 Male Wake Forest NC
E. Jordan 16 Female Wake Forest NC
Elliott Stephen 20 Male Wake Forest NC
Faith Mazie 22 Female Zebulon NC
Feggins Melva 56 Female Youngsville NC
Fullenkamp Brian 38 Male Raleigh NC
Guardino Louise 80 Female Cary NC
Hackbardt Philip 71 Male Raleigh NC
Hatch Susan 73 Female Raleigh NC
Hellwig Gabrielle 29 Female Raleigh NC
Hoff Gregory 34 Male Raleigh NC
Howard Anna 45 Female Rolesville NC
Johnson Kathleen 50 Female Wake Forest NC
Johnson Nicole 50 Female Wake forest NC
Jones Jessica 38 Female Wake forest NC
Kroviak Larry 70 Male Durham NC
L. Layla 13 Female wake forest NC
Lockard Alicia 58 Female Wake Forest NC
Long Kimberly 33 Female Wake forest NC
M. Kevin 17 Male Morrisville NC
M. Ashvin 12 Male Morrisville NC
M. Jonathan 13 Male Rolesville NC
Markose Sini 37 Female morrisville NC
McCalla Ken 46 Male Raleigh NC
McCalla Maurice 46 Male Raleigh NC
McMorris Becka 19 Female Rolesville NC
mello claudia 63 Female Holly Springs NC
Miller Brad 36 Male Raleigh NC
Mills David 48 Male Youngsville NC
Mulnick Julia 48 Female Raleigh NC
O'Neal Paula 56 Female Garner NC
Pack Joanna 44 Female Fairview NC
Pack Steve 45 Male Fairview NC
Pelman Jodi 39 Female Rolesville NC
Quinlan David 48 Male Wake Forest NC
Sanders Travis 35 Male Youngsville NC
Sheffield Robin 55 Female Raleigh NC
Stevenson George 54 Male Franklinton NC
Twidt Jeremy 25 Male Cary NC
VanGraafeiland Tricia 47 Female Rolesville NC
W. Nicholas 17 Male Franklinton NC
White Heather 48 Female Franklinton NC
White Bailey 19 Male Franklinton NC
Wright Kim 50 Female Rolesville NC
Z. Emma 10 Female Rolesville NC
Zumwalt Daniel 38 Male Rolesville NC