02/08/2025 @ 9:00 am

Ghost Road Trail Run
4 Mile and 8 Mile Trail Run
Wake Forest, NC

Course Map

The 8-mile and 4-mile course will start on the Field Loop Trail. The course will take a short run on the paved trail and briefly cross  Ridge Park Road onto Old 98 Route Trail.   Around the half-mile mark, the course takes a right onto a small footbridge and Shoreline Trail, with the lake always on your right-hand side.  Shoreline trail is single-track running, and you encounter some slight ups and downs on the course, and the terrain will be normal trail conditions. Much of the course features some fast flat sections and some hills with picturesque views of Falls Lake. . When wet and cold, the bridges, roots, and stones can be icy.   

Google Map of the 4 Mile course: Ghost Road 4-Mile  Trail Run

Google Map of the 8 Mile Course. Ghost Road 8-Mile Course 

The 8-mile course will be two loops of the Shoreline Trail with some modifications.  The 8-mile course will be two loops of the Shoreline Trail except adding one additional out and back mile on Peninsula Trail before heading back around on Shoreline Trail for your second loop.  The peninsula trail is a hard-packed surface and wide enough to have runners going in both directions on and out back for one mile.  After the second loop, you will head back onto Old Route 98 Trail and towards the finish, about half a mile away. We will have plenty of signage and volunteers to direct you. 

Some Videos for Perspective: 

Turning Left onto Peninsula for 8 Mile - First Loop: Video 

Returning from Turnaround back to the water station location. Video

Peninsula and Shoreline heading back towards the finish: Video

There will be one water stop on the course located where Shoreline, Peninsula and Old Route 98 Trail meet.  If you feel you will need additional fluids or energy please carry them with you on the run.  Most of this run is single track and isolated.  The exact location for the water stop is at this google pin

Picture of Water Stop Location,Shoreline,Old Route 98,Shoreline and Peninsula Trails all meeting. 

Pictures of Old Route 98 Trail which is comprised of hard packed surfaces, sections of old pacement and lose gravel and rocks.  You will use this trail as part of the first half mile and last half mile of the event. 


Most of the course is on the shoreline Trail which is all single track. It should be blown free of leaves making it easier to spot.  


While on Shoreline Trail follow the Blue Blaze  


A piture of a turn around on Peninsula Trail for the 8 Mile course.  Peninsula Trail is a wide hard packed surface trail.  



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