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03/15/2015 @ 7:00am

Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon and GNC Tobacco Road Half Marathon

Half Marathon, Full Marathon Run

Cary, NC
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Last Name First Name Age Gender City State
A. Rosa 5 Female Oak Ridge NC
Abbott Tyler 31 Male Raleigh NC
Abdullah Sahla 45 Female Arlington VA
Abel Judy 41 Female Durham NC
Abrams Jeff 52 Male Chapel Hill NC
Abrams George 46 Male Cary NC
Abramson Kyle 48 Male Cary NC
Abraszek Kevin 55 Male Brooklyn NY
Ackerman Tom 52 Male Holly Springs NC
Ackerman Dawn 51 Female Holly Springs NC
Adamkiewicz Elaine 47 Female Wilson NC
Adams Don 72 Male Raleigh NC
Adams Amy 44 Female Angier NC
Adams Leigh 46 Female Angier NC
Adams Sarah 40 Female CARY NC
Adams Trilby 30 Female Apex NC
Adams Roddy 55 Male Angier NC
Adcock Jacquelyn 28 Female Durham NC
Agarwal Devesh 51 Male Cary NC
Agnihotri Kunal 35 Male Durham NC
Agrawal Neeraj 47 Male Morrisville NC
Aguilhon-Levesque JeanBaptiste 43 Male Durham NC
Ahmed Syed 46 Male Rockville MD
Aicher Tommy 43 Male Durham NC
Aiken Elizabeth 44 Female Apex NC
Akers Charles 41 Male Cary NC
Akers Blanca 42 Female Cary NC
Albright Rachel 33 Female Cary NC
Albritton Lesley 47 Female Farmville NC
Alby Kevin 37 Male Media PA
Alby Michelle 38 Female Media PA
Alder David 47 Male Raleigh NC
Aldridge Mariana 40 Female Durham NC
Aldridge Trevor 49 Male Charlotte NC
Alexander Steven 49 Male Raleigh NC
Alfredsson Lena 58 Female Chapel Hill NC
alfredsson joakim 58 Male Chapel Hill NC
Ali Mike 31 Male Raleigh NC
Alice Hinman 49 Female Raleigh NC
Alicea Mike 44 Male Raleigh NC
Alicea Linda 45 Female Raleigh NC
Alicea-Munoz Michelle 45 Male Wake Forest NC
Alig Michael 54 Male Wake Forest NC
Allen Taylor 32 Male Raleigh NC
Allen Stuart 47 Male Cary NC
Allen Dianne 65 Female Charlotte NC
Allen Lark 76 Male Raleigh NC
Allison Cristine 48 Female Raleigh NC
Alston Marvin 51 Male Cary NC
Alvarado Sherry 46 Female Cary NC
Alverson Eric 47 Male Hillsborough NC
Aman Clare 22 Female Delaware OH
Amann Shannon 36 Female Cary NC
Amann Felicity 26 Female Holly Springs NC
Ambrose Karen 52 Female Wake Forest NC
Ambrose Christopher 52 Male Wake Forest NC
Ames Michelle 44 Female Raleigh NC
Ames Marc 47 Male Raleigh NC
amos clifford 56 Male rocky mount NC
Amsler Benjamin 34 Male Durham NC
Amuda Aisha 32 Female Greensboro NC
Anaya Isabel 52 Female Austin TX
Andersen Keith 48 Male Charlotte NC
Anderson Karson 39 Female High Point NC
Anderson Susan 65 Female Forest VA
Anderson Stevven 35 Male Jamestown NC
Anderson Scott 45 Male Winterville NC
Anderson David 64 Male Raleigh NC
Anderson April 46 Female Winterville NC
Anderson Temisha 41 Female Browns Summit NC
Andes Juliet 45 Female Apex NC
Andre Ulf 53 Male Hillsborough NC
Andrews Charles 40 Male Apex NC
Andrews Elizabeth 31 Female Cary NC
Angarole Philip 33 Male Raleigh NC
Angell Christopher 51 Male Cary NC
Anglum Andrew 23 Male Cary NC
Anglum Jenny 51 Female Cary NC
Anthony Tracey 50 Female Raleigh NC
Antonietti Juan 58 Male Durham NC
Antunes Helder 40 Male Raleigh NC
Appiah-Opoku Stacey 30 Female Winston-Salem NC
Aragon Veronica 35 Female Charlotte NC
Arceo Dina 53 Female GREENSBORO NC
Archer Matthew 44 Male Raleigh NC
Arekar Samir 47 Male Cary NC
Arent Brittany 31 Female Cary NC
Argaluza Elena 60 Female Cary NC
Ariosa Maude 32 Female Chapel Hill NC
Armbruster Trent 71 Female Wilmington NC
Armentrout Gerald 60 Male Raleigh NC
Armstrong Mary 66 Female Raleigh NC
Armstrong John 66 Male Greenville SC
Arndts Meghan 45 Female Cary NC
Arneson Riley 26 Female Cary NC
Arnette David 50 Male Apex NC
Arnold Lisa 57 Female Cary NC
Arnold Katherine 46 Female Fuquay varina NC
Arnold Fred 59 Male Cary NC
Arp Kelsey 34 Female Raleigh NC
Arthur Lisa 34 Female Greensboro NC
Artis Jessica 42 Female Raleigh NC
Artman Paul 52 Male Cary NC
Arwine Benay 53 Female Germantown TN
Arya Deepak 46 Male Cary NC
Ash Rick 49 Male Cary NC
Ash Nicolette 29 Female Durham NC
Ashcraft Derek 42 Male Charlotte NC
Ashcraft Rebecca 45 Female Charlotte NC
Aswell Jr Bobby 58 Male Cornelius NC
Athota Swetha Dev 35 Female Cary NC
Atkinson Sarah 54 Female Durham NC
Aud Tom 61 Male Holly Springs NC
Austero-Macavinta Maria 55 Female Pleasant Hil CA
Austin David 56 Male Cary NC
Austin Adam 45 Male Raleigh NC
Avis Renee 44 Female Raleigh NC
Ayers Chantal 48 Female Cary NC
Ayers Catherine 29 Female Raleigh NC
Aziz Cynthia 60 Female Charlotte NC
Bacchus Mindy 47 Female Elon NC
Bachl Stewart Carolyn 49 Female Raleigh NC
Bacon Rasmi 42 Female Morrisville NC
Bagaasen Byron 58 Male Cary NC
Bagaasen Kim 50 Female Cary NC
Baggarly Pauline 53 Female Apex NC
Bagley Brock 36 Male Wake Forest NC
BAILEY ROBIN 57 Female Raleigh NC
Bailey Phillip 68 Male RALEIGH NC
Bailey Chris 47 Male Wade NC
Bailey Erin 45 Female Raleigh NC
Bailey Ashley 46 Female Raleigh NC
Bailey Hugh 50 Male Raleigh NC
Bailey John 47 Male Raleigh NC
Bailey James 52 Male Apex NC
Bains Ajaykumar 46 Male Cary NC
Baird James 67 Male Durham NC
Baker Brock 34 Male Chapel Hill NC
Baker Ben 36 Male Mooresville NC
Baker Caleb 45 Male Mebane NC
Baker Marty 51 Male Winterville NC
Baker Lindsay 43 Female Apex NC
Baker Courtney 38 Female Mebane NC
Bakley Dan 58 Male Cary NC
Bakley Jonathan 25 Male Cary NC
Balaraman Arun 46 Male Morrisville NC
Balaraman Arvind 48 Male Morrisville NC
Balasubramaniam Mahesh 47 Male Apex NC
Baldwin Michael 48 Male SC SC
Baldwin Matthew 53 Male Wake Forest NC
Baliva Jaime 41 Female Holly Springs NC
ball carol 66 Female charlotte NC
Ball Cassie 29 Female Carrboro NC
ballen naomi 68 Female greensboro NC
Banta Casey 44 Female Chapel Hill NC
Barbati John 69 Male Cary NC
Barber Rosemary 30 Female Richmond VA
Barber Shelby 41 Female Raleigh NC
Barbera Alan 53 Male Indian Trail NC
Barfiled Karla 59 Female Dallas TX
Barhoover Melissa 43 Female Holly Springs NC
Barish Jody 57 Female Cary NC
Barker Akiko 46 Female Winterville NC
Barker Scott 47 Male Winterville NC
Barker Ben 51 Male Durham NC
Barnes Jamie 50 Male Cary NC
Barnes Alix 29 Female Morrisville NC
Barnes Allison 40 Female Durham NC
Barnes Edward 47 Male Durham NC
Barnes Dwight 45 Male Cary NC
Barnes Connie 42 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Barnes Joni 45 Female Holly Springs NC
Barnes Kelley 45 Female Wake Forest NC
Barnes Greg 57 Male Charlotte NC
Barnes Brian 47 Male Wake Forest NC
Barnes Virginia 47 Female CARY NC
Barnes Stacy 41 Female Fuquay Varina NC
barnett john 53 Male Hauppauge NY
Barnette Brittany 28 Female Carrboro NC
Baroffio Bryan 62 Male Grand Junction CO
Barre Caroline 54 Female Verdun --
Barrow Briarlee 57 Female Charlotte NC
Barrow Mary Beth 41 Female Raleigh NC
Barrows Colin 49 Male Fuquay Varina NC
Barry John 52 Male Cary NC
Barry Melissa 42 Female Apex NC
Barry Ed 55 Male Cary NC
Barsness Kari 46 Female Raleigh NC
Bartsch Sarah 39 Female Cameron NC
Baskin John 27 Male Durham NC
Bates Jacqueline 42 Female Garner NC
Bates Jennifer 55 Female Reidsville NC
Bauer Greg 44 Male Middlesex NC
Bauer Andrew 43 Male Bossier City LA
Bauer Joy 42 Female Middlesex NC
Bauer Dana 46 Male Durham NC
bauer kevin 40 Male rocky mount NC
Bauer Sonia 42 Female Raleigh NC
Baugh Christy 41 Female Raleigh NC
Bauk Kathryn 35 Female Chapel Hill NC
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