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03/19/2016 @ 9:15am

3rd Annual Apex Kiwanis 5K & Play Road Race

5K, 1 Mile Run

Apex, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
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Last Name First Name Age Gender City State
B. Brenner 16 Male Apex NC
B. Isaiah 10 Male Holly Springs NC
b. noah 8 Male holly springs NC
B. Wes 17 Male Apex NC
B. Gemma 7 Female Apex NC
Behrooz Susan 31 Female Raleigh NC
Bertrand Tim 50 Male Apex NC
Bloodworth Kylee 32 Female Apex NC
Bloodworth Jake 33 Male Apex NC
Borneo Jason 42 Male Holly Springs NC
bosman emily 29 Female carrboro NC
bremer clare 43 Female holly springs NC
Brooks Mitchell 31 Male Raleigh NC
Brown Kyle 53 Male Apex NC
Browne Meghan 28 Female Cary NC
buckler charles 59 Male apex NC
buckler mary 18 Female apex NC
Bush Christine 52 Female Apex NC
C. Kayleigh 14 Female Apex NC
C. Aileen 8 Female Cary NC
clawson scott 53 Male Apex NC
Collins John 43 Male Apex NC
Cunningham Jenny 36 Female Cary NC
Cunningham Rose 63 Female Cary NC
Curran Mary 58 Female Apex NC
D. Aiden 15 Male apex NC
DeCarlo Joe 63 Male Cary NC
Denton Julie 29 Female Raleigh NC
DeRose Eugene 64 Male Apex NC
Dichito Danni 29 Female Raleigh NC
Dixon Brett 51 Male Cary NC
Durand Mike 46 Male Apex NC
Durfey Josh 38 Male Holly springs NC
E. Marco 16 Male Cary NC
Elder Elizabeth 58 Female Apex NC
Evans Derrick 46 Male Cary NC
Fleming Hilary 29 Female Cary NC
Franklin Tony 48 Male Apex NC
Franklin Jennifer 44 Female Apex NC
Friel Kristy 42 Female Apex NC
G. Paige 13 Female apex NC
G. Will 10 Male Cary NC
Gersten Laura 32 Female Cary NC
Goswami Mandi 41 Female Cary NC
Goswami Kris 51 Male Cary NC
Grubbs Charles 43 Male Apex NC
grubbs amy 45 Female apex NC
H. Graelin 12 Male Apex NC
H. Kyle 12 Male Apex NC
H. Catherine 16 Female Apex NC
H. Zoe 8 Female Apex NC
H. Cora 12 Female Apex NC
H. Abigail 10 Female Apex NC
H. Leah 14 Female Apex NC
H. Anna 15 Female Apex NC
H. Caitlin 14 Female Apex NC
Hampton Andrea 41 Female Apex NC
Hart Arely 41 Female Zebulon NC
Hartley Kristen 30 Female Raleigh NC
Heinisch Angela 44 Female Apex NC
Heinisch Gabriel 46 Male Apex NC
Hellrung Joe 44 Male Apex NC
Hellrung Jennifer 44 Female Apex NC
Hennessey Mary 57 Female Raleigh NC
Hennessey Tom 58 Male Raleigh NC
Holland Daniel 22 Male Cary NC
Holland Marcy 53 Female Cary NC
Holland Todd 51 Male Cary NC
Hulse Christopher 46 Male Apex NC
Hulse Gail 48 Female Apex NC
Jones Marie 42 Female apex NC
Kanters Colleen 48 Female Apex NC
Kehn Matthew 21 Male Cary NC
Keith Rhonda 53 Female Raleigh NC
Kennerly Kelly 43 Female Apex NC
Kettler Becky 53 Female apex NC
Khuu Trieu-Vi 19 Female Apex NC
Koch Diane 72 Female Laurel Springs NC
Koch Richard 94 Male Canton MI
L. Edwin 15 Male Apex NC
L. David 14 Male Apex NC
Leach Mel 60 Female Apex NC
Lee Michael 21 Male Cary NC
Ligotino Danielle 29 Female Apex NC
Lozada Miguel 55 Male Apex NC
Lozada Laura 46 Female Apex NC
M. Adicus 8 Male Apex NC
M. Brooke 8 Female apex NM
M. Emma 10 Female apex NC
M. Annabelle 12 Female Apex NC
M. Lillian 12 Female Apex NC
M. Alex 15 Male Apex NC
M. Hailey 14 Female Apex NC
M. Nora 12 Female Apex NC
M. Connor 14 Male Apex NC
M. Jessie 15 Male apex NC
M. Samuel 17 Male apex NC
M. Kayla 12 Female Apex NC
Mannion Jean 68 Female Apex NC
Marquard Karen 59 Female Apex NC
Martin Dave 40 Male Apex NC
Martin Liesl 39 Female Apex NC
Mathews Adam 42 Male Apex NC
McCarty Rebecca 35 Female apex NC
McCarty Jessie 35 Male apex NC
McKee Michael 43 Male Apex NC
Murphy John 69 Male Sanford NC
O'Connor Eric K 51 Male Apex NC
O. Eliza 15 Female Apex NC
O. Bentley 16 Male Apex NC
Ortiz Orlando 49 Male Apex NC
Overby Justin 34 Male Apex NC
P. Samuel 13 Male Apex NC
P. Alex 17 Male Apex NC
P. Samuel 17 Male Apex NC
Pickus Peter 53 Male Apex NC
Pickus Peter 53 Male Apex NC
Pierce Melanie 57 Female Cary NC
Pullen Adam 20 Male Apex NC
Robinson Rebekah 34 Female APEX NC
Robinson Cindy 64 Female Apex NC
Robinson Paul 33 Male APEX NC
S. Peyton 14 Male Apex NC
S. Josh 12 Male Apex NC
s. reagan 10 Female cary NC
Sawant Sonali 41 Female Apex NC
Sawant Amit 43 Male Apex NC
Shanklin Lee 39 Male Apex NC
Shaw Ashlee 49 Female Apex NC
Shaw Mary Anne 60 Female Cary NC
Smith Kathleen 36 Female Apex NC
Snyder Jane 53 Female Apex NC
Still Julie 50 Female Apex NC
Still Joel 47 Male Apex NC
Strickland Dana 45 Female Fuquay varina NC
T. Brayden 11 Male Apex NC
Tamhane Anusha 23 Female Apex NC
Tamhane Aparna 50 Female Apex NC
Thigpen RYAN 37 Male Cary NC
Thigpen Nikki 35 Female Cary NC
Trainer Savannah 18 Female Apex NC
Tyler Lori 39 Female Apex NC
W. Doug 12 Female Apex NC
W. Nicolas 15 Male Apex NC
Weaver Doug 52 Male Apex NC
Weaver Renee 49 Female Apex NC
Webb Sandra 61 Female Apex NC
White Ed 49 Male Apex NC
White Tommy 53 Male Sanford NC
Wood Callie 18 Female Apex NC
Wood Melissa 49 Female Apex NC
Y. Jack 13 Male Apex NC
Young Andrea 46 Female Apex NC