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04/18/2015 @ 9:45am

2nd Annual Apex Kiwanis 5K & Play Road Race

5K, 1 Mile Run

Apex, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
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Last Name First Name Age Gender City State
A. Nicholas 12 Male Cary NC
A. Brinkley 12 Female Cary NC
Alston Marvin 51 Male Cary NC
Argenta Chris 50 Male Cary NC
Argenta Leslie 47 Female Cary NC
B. Wes 17 Male Apex NC
Biamonte Chris 31 Male Apex NC
Biamonte Mark 60 Male Apex NC
Binkley Miava 62 Female Fuquay-Varina NC
Bowden Joanne 59 Female Apex NC
Bowden George 63 Male Apex NC
bradford john 46 Male Raleigh NC
Brown Kyle 53 Male Apex NC
Bruns Delaney 25 Female Apex NC
Bruns Ken 54 Male Apex NC
Callens Blake 42 Male Cary NC
Clark Denise 60 Female Apex NC
Collins John 43 Male Apex NC
Crawford Johnathon 26 Male Athens GA
Cser Shawn 35 Male Morrisville NC
d. aiden 15 Male apex NC
Davis Sharon L. 66 Female Apex NC
Doligalski Meghan 31 Female Apex NC
Dorgeloh Kyra 29 Female Apex NC
Dorgeloh Karin 63 Female Apex NC
durand michael 46 Male apex NC
Edwards Laura 29 Female Clayton NC
Enzor Courtney 39 Female Raleigh NC
Frey David 58 Male Cary NC
Goeken Elaine 43 Female Morrisville NC
Grim Theron 45 Male Apex NC
Grim Alaina 39 Female Apex NC
H. Eden 11 Female Fuquay Varina NC
H. Canaan 15 Male Fuquay Varina NC
H. Graelin 12 Male Apex NC
H. Levi 16 Male Fuquay Varina NC
H. Noah 14 Male Apex NC
Hartley Kristen 30 Female Raleigh NC
Haughton Timothy 19 Male Apex NC
Haynes Alex 29 Male Apex NC
Haynes Thom 61 Male Apex NC
Hellrung Joseph 44 Male Apex NC
Hershberger Dane 51 Male Apex NC
Holder Gwen 53 Female raleigh NC
Holland Todd 51 Male Cary NC
Holland Marcy 53 Female Cary NC
Horn Jason 43 Male Apex NC
Howell Lee 36 Male Apex NC
J. Ezra 10 Male Apex NC
Jobe Rae 39 Female Apex NC
Jones Marie 42 Female apex NC
Kelly Steve 39 Male Cary NC
kettler becky 53 Female apex NC
L. Olivia 9 Female Angier NC
Lavin Mark 38 Male Apex NC
Lawson John 35 Male Raleigh NC
Leinbach Dan 45 Male Apex NC
Moore Timothy 32 Male Angier NC
Nguyen Michael 23 Male Cary NC
Oliveros Angela 56 Female Apex NC
Perez Edi 47 Female Apex NC
Proctor Karen 44 Female Apex NC
R. Brianna 17 Female Angier NC
Reyna Cecilia 37 Female Angier NC
Riley Patrick 34 Male Apex NC
S. Austin 9 Female Apex NC
Sandberg Janaye 33 Female Apex NC
Sennert Erin Amanda 32 Female Apex NC
Shanklin Lee 39 Male Apex NC
shipman megan 19 Female cary NC
Stewart Darrell 58 Male Apex NC
Strause Maria 48 Female Apex NC
Strause Eric 49 Male Apex NC
Strickland Dana 45 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Tamhane Pushkar 55 Male Apex NC
Tamhane Aparna 50 Female Apex NC
Taulman Ethan 23 Male Apex NC
Webb Sandra 61 Female Apex NC
Whitaker Catherine 54 Female Apex NC
Whitt Terrie 60 Female Pittsboro NC
Zimlinghaus Josh 47 Male Apex NC
Zimlinghaus Rebecca 22 Female Apex NC