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Recovery for Sheltering in Place

As life has slowed down a bit, we all can really work on the "things" we haven't been able to get to. It's amazing these days to see all the people outside doing some kind of activity. I know I've got a few things done that I put on the back burner as well. I have...

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Quick and Easy Super Salad

As we have seen a lot of change over the last week this provides us with an opportunity to slow down and enjoy life. We may be a little frustrated but keeping busy and focused can really break up the time. I usually cook at home about 5-6 days every week so I'm always...

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Anywhere, Anytime Workout and Meal on the Go

At home or on the go;  Whether you are in the comfort of your home or traveling for business or pleasure, grab 2 small towels (or washcloths) and get your body moving! February workout and sweetheart salad

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