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Sara Lilley Story – FS Series Ambassador

My decision to become a triathlete, more specifically a desire to become an Ironman, developed as a result of the most painful 6 months of my life.  In 2017, I went from being an avid runner to facing surgery to remove the tail of my pancreas and my spleen seemingly...

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Two Bean Pumpkin Chili

Nothing brings in Fall like some healthy chili!  The recipe is simple but you can mix and match different ingredients and spices to shake it up.   The best part is to make extra to store in freezer bags for quick meals during the winter.  Enjoy! Two Bean Pumpkin...

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Introduction to Track Workouts

Track workouts have so much value when do properly or starting short and building up.  When I get away from track workouts for awhile I also start at the beginning to build back up again.  I've provided 3 weeks of track workouts done 1x per week with the 4th week...

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