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5 Days of Eating to Maximize Your Winter Training

Michael Raynor is a Raleigh-based registered dietitian-nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition and weight management. As an athlete himself, Michael understands the unique needs and challenges of athletes. Michael is passionate about helping people achieve...

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Oregon Circuit Workout

The 8 minute blocks take a format similar to an interval session.  300m reps at race pace with strength and core exercises interspersed in what would normally be rest time.  Race pace would vary for each person. The most important coaching point in terms of pace and...

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Dynamic Warmup and Seasonal Strength Training

The first part of this document includes a neuromuscular and dynamic warmup which should be performed before any exercise.   This is a great way to gradually warm up the muscles and prepare them for work!  The second part of the document includes strength training...

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