We have setup a beginner triathlon training program for the Rex Wellness Knightdale Triathlon on 9/26. The distances for the triathlon are 250 yard swim, 10 mile bike, and 2 mile run. Marty Gaal of One Step Beyond Coaching has provided all the workouts which we will post each week. The first document is your guide to all the activities so please read through it first before starting and refer back to the document for. your swim workouts. Enjoy and we look forward to seeing you at Rex Wellness Knightdale Triathlon.

2021 Rex Knightdale beginner 12 week-READ ME FIRST

2021 Rex Knightdale beginner 12 weekSwim workouts

2021 Rex Knightdale beginner 12 weekStrength sessions

2021 Rex Knightdale beginner 12 week- Week1

Thanks for stopping in. One Step Beyond is a multisport & triathlon coaching company based in Raleigh / Cary, North Carolina. We provide online coaching and personal training services to all levels of age-group athletes - from first year triathletes competing in their local sprint series, to the long-distance veteran looking to maximize his or her training time.

Led by Marty Gaal and joined by Brianne Gaal and Daniel Scagnelli, we have been competing since the 1980s (or 90s depending on when we were born) and have been coaching professionally since 2002.