As life has slowed down a bit, we all can really work on the “things” we haven’t been able to get to. It’s amazing these days to see all the people outside doing some kind of activity. I know I’ve got a few things done that I put on the back burner as well. I have been able to create a nice social distance meetup on Zwift 3 times a week and people have really enjoyed riding in the environment. For me I’ve actually increased my exercise over the last 2 weeks to keep me super focused on the things I need to do around the house and in business. I hope you have found some peace to work on some new things or projects. One important piece overlooked by a lot of endurance athletes is functional strength training. I challenge you to start on a new life, athletic or work project to keep you motivated moving through the next few months. The recovery drink I’m posting is an old one but one I really enjoy especially following a workout. Keep moving and Stay Motivated!

Chocolate Chia Recovery Drink