woman with knee injury

Triathlete.com and triathletes agree that an essential part of training and competing is paying attention to your feet. By strengthening the muscles in your feet, Triathlete.com suggests that you can run longer, and endure rougher terrain with more ease than runners who don’t properly train their feet. Footwear is an important part of foot pain management. Having a solid base for your body is what creates a comfortable situation during and after running. Pain-free feet are what all runners strive for at the end of every race, so here are a few simple ways to strengthen your feet before and after you run.

Pre-Run Foot Stretches

Pre-run stretching is important for any runner to help loosen up the muscles and prepare the body for physical stress. The exercises below are known to promote healthy, happy, and strong feet even after the race is finished.

  • Toe Flexes - Point, Flex, Point, Flex, Repeat.
  • Ankle Rotations
  • Heel Raises

Post-Run Foot Stretches

Post-run stretching benefits the runner by optimizing foot strength so that they can increase their ability to run for longer amounts of time without pain. Here are two effective ways to stretch your feet.

  • Jumping Rope
  • Tennis Ball Rolls - take a tennis ball (or any similar ball-shaped object) and roll it on a flat surface with your foot.

Try these pre-run and post-run foot stretches and get started on strengthening your feet today!