Coach Eric Bean gave this workout the first year I trained for Ironman Louisville in 2012!  The workout was always on recovery week or race prep week to keep the legs hot but fresh.  I highly recommend doing this 1x every 4th week.

Total Time: 0:45 Warm-up (w/u) = 5′ easy spin, 5′ high cadence spin (110-130)

- 5 x (1′ single-leg, 30″ both at high cadence, 1′ other leg, 30″ both
- count number of misses bringing foot over top of pedal stroke and strive to reduce this number to zero as you progress form week-to-week.

- 3x (1′, 30″, 15″ @ max *non-bouncing cadence* with 2′, 90″, 45″ RI, respectively)
- strive to increase your max cadence, and your comfort at lower cadences from week-to-week. An instantaneous peak cadence of 180-over 200 is realistic for elite athletes.

Cool down with easy spinning at low 90’s-110