So I recently went to a Division I basketball game and overheard some people talking about a overweight person in Major Division I athletic program.   This program has it’s own nutritionist and dining hall to support the athletics program.   I was taken back when someone said “they put him on Jenny Craig diet”!   I thought wow that’s amazing that a Division I university went to a Jenny Craig diet to help someone lose weight.

In short we all have struggles with things in our life we can’t control but controlling our food choices is in OUR control.   The basic primal eating plan will lead you to a life of energy and weight control.  It’s basic (meat) protein (tofu), veggies and good fats!  Boom it’s simple but the hard part is knowing what to choose in the grocery store then prepping out your meals for the week so you aren’t tempted to unhealthy choices.

Food for thought!