Brian Stover – Owner/Head Coach Accelerate 3 Coaching

Most triathletes, especially long course triathletes are very good about riding their bikes at ironman or half ironman pace and doing it for long periods of time. What they are not good at is being able to ride at a high effort or power output.

Going out and riding near race pace is great, if you are close to your half or full event. Being able to develop the ability to ride faster for further is even better. This means going well above half or ironman effort level.

The workout I’m going to give you will increase your threshold or FTP if you’re using a power meter, your VO2max and your ability to produce more power for longer periods of time.

Once per week, you’ll want to do a series of :30 hard efforts followed by :30 easy.

I recommend that you ride between 75 minutes and 2 hours when you do this. Warm up for 20-40 minutes. The first time you do this workout start with 6x(:30 hard + :30 easy). The hard efforts should be at a pace you could maintain for about a minute at most. You may fade near the end of the set and that’s ok. It may take you one to two workouts to dial in the correct effort.

Every week add 2 reps to the set. If you started with 6 the next week increase to 8 then 10 and so on. After you get to 12-14 reps and have done that a couple of weeks in a row, it’s time to start adding another set. To do this, after you finish your first set, ride easy for 10 minutes. Then start a second set beginning with 5x(:30 hard + :30 easy). Work up to as many as 10 reps in this second set by adding 1 rep per week. You’ll want to allocate at least 20-40 minutes of easy riding to finish up.

If you do this for 8-10 weeks in a row, you’ll see an increase in your threshold/FTP and Vo2max which should translate into faster race times!