This month’s swim workout from Coach Marty Gaal is a pure distance workout.

Warm up (1,000):
600 easy choice
8 x 50 odd drill choice / even kick :10

Main set (2,400-3,200):

6 to 8 x 400 on :20-30 rest (not a lot of rest).  Moderate to mod hard effort. Optional to use paddles on up to half the set.
Advanced swimmers can add 8-10 x 50 alternate stroke or build each to fast on :10-:15 after the main set.

Cool down (100):
100 easy

Total 3,500-4,800.

If this set seems like a bit much to you, you can reduce everything by 20-50%. So for warm up you would do 300 easy, 4 x 50 drill/kick, and the main set would be 6 to 8 x 200s, OR 3-4 x 400s depending on your mood.

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